[Poll] Forest Hill Mural - Choose a Design (Round 1)



Yes! I really like this. I think including the walrus is a great idea as it is so unique to the area but am concerned about it being too childish.

All very exciting :slight_smile:


Childish is good.


There are no image rights in the UK. Third party trademarks will not be an issue for many reasons.

Copyright may vest in the walrus image that Lionel sampled part of, however, I doubt that part sampled constitutes a substantial part of the original image so this is likely not an issue. Further, the final hand drawn walrus aspect of the mural will likely differ from the walrus image so it is even less likely that third party copyright will vest in the walrus aspect in the final mural.


I have learned something today - thank you.

Is that why our multi-millionaire footballers take their monies from “image rights” offshore in their tax avoidance schemes ?


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Love the walrus but so far looks better with the sign horizontal. Would also be good to vote on which walrus design is used.


hi all,

how was this advertised.

i am a resident of forest hill for over 30 years and a working mural artist.

is there time to add some ideas or a design as forest hill is a unique area and should have its own mural. not another railway sign like all the others.

thanks all



Hi James. We first started discussing the mural 18 months ago and spread the word to our several thousand local Facebook and Twitter followers, who, in turn, spread the word to their friends. We have reached out specifically to local artists in Havelock Walk, and also those responsible for other murals in Forest Hill.

Apologies that we did not reach out personally to you during our call for designs. I’m glad you’ve got in touch since then and sorry that this happened after the deadline in our call for designs.

Rest assured there will be other murals that we commission in the area and we intend to be as inclusive and innovative as possible with other sites. There are also other groups, such as the Forest Hill Society, who have the capability and willingness to organise projects like this.

If you can spare the time, I would appreciate your help in reaching out to more local mural artists in future projects to ensure everyone gets a fair shot.



i have painted murals in forest hill before the walrus opposite the old bank and the aquarium.
i was also involved in the subway graffiti project back in 1997.

it would be great to be involved in the future.
maybe have it more as a collaboration other then individual artists.


Absolutely. I’ve added you to the @FH_Mural group to ensure you’re notified personally of any future discussions on this forum regarding new murals.

I’d also recommend clicking here: #street-art (to see our discussion topics about street art), where you can subscribe by clicking here:

…and then here:


Very nice!! Like watercolours…


Not many takers then…?


At the moment we’re just an online forum and our resources are fairly limited (I run SE23.life in my spare time alongside a day job in the city, and our four moderators are also all busy people)

Having said that, we are making more connections every day, and growing our reach - so next time we’ll be more inclusive, and based on yours and @James_Titchner’s feedback I’ll make sure we put posters up (with council permission) to advertise the next call for artists.


Nope, not this time - on this site (the railway underpass), perhaps other artists wanted to support a continuation of Lionel’s great vintage murals that have become a South London hallmark?


It will be great to have something eye-catching and fresh to see there :slight_smile:


I love the work of Survival Techniques, supermundane and Bread Collective and think their style would go down a treat in Forest Hill or Honor Oak, if any of them (or you) are willing.

Here are some of the sites we’re pondering: Sites for Future Street Art (this is a “wiki-topic,” editable by all established members of the forum)


This round of voting is now closed, with the ‘touch of Walrus’ option the clear winner.

The next round of voting to decide the orientation and colour of the traditional part of the design is now open at [Poll] Forest Hill Mural - Choose a Design (Round 2)