Proposed Development on Duncombe Hill Green



That is why you are not allowed to have a fence higher than 3 feet where it abuts a highway.(or possibly a meter).


Now this is what probably makes me the most nervous. It’s fair to assume that they would have done their due diligence to make sure they can do with the land whatever their intention is, which presumably is to build on it in a way that maximises returns for their shareholders. Couldn’t they have bought the MOT garage instead? :roll_eyes:


Maybe not. They may have looked at house prices in the area, saw a bit of land going cheap and thought they could make a load of money without doing proper research. They’ve already caused themselves a problem with Lewisham planning department by putting up the fence without planning permission.


Do we have a company name for the ‘property investment company’?
We can then do some crowd sourced due diligence.


Sounds like they are testing the water to see what happens. I guess they have discovered this is going to be a long fight. Perhaps the land will be sold on soon.


Investor Alliance Ltd. based in Luton paid £120k in ?June 2018


Cheap, but a tiny slither of land on a busy road with awkward geometry.

If they did take the approach @Swagger suggests many developers do - ignore a tree preservation order in preference to pay the fine, I’m not sure they would make enough back to justify the risk.

That’s if the temporary orders don’t expire I suppose.



If it’s unauthorised, then it can be pulled down by just about anyone. Crow bars at the ready.


Except the council it would seem…


I am sure there are people out there not from the council with crow bars.


Errrrrrrr, no. The fence is still private property and someone taking a crowbar to it would be liable for prosecution for criminal damage.


I don’t see why they can’t do something considering it has been turned into a dangerous junction.


I assume they haven’t blocked the path at the top, otherwise there is probably something that can be done as it is a right of way.


Intrigued that there is a tree officer at Lewisham Council. Part of special branch…


Access for supplying materials on such a tight spot would be a logistical nightmare for any contractor mad/brave enough to accept the contract. HIAB lorries would cause huge disruption to passing traffic. I’d be amazed if Lewisham’s planning department didn’t reject any application on those grounds alone.


Am I the only one on here who thinks that a development of flats might be nice here, and contribute to the ongoing regeneration of the area?


Let’s find out …

  • I’d like to see development of this area
  • I’d like it to remain a green space
  • Unsure
  • Other (please comment)

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I think you might be, yes.