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Following on from the discussion about carpet fitters, do members have any recommendations for local carpeting companies? I’m about to have a room decorated and completely refurnished (I can’t tell you how exciting it is to finally be doing a room from scratch, I’m a proper grown up now!).

I’ll need someone who can swoop in between the decorators finishing and the new furniture arriving so I’m looking for someone local, flexible and speedy!

One recommendation already for Neil’s Magic Carpets. Anyone else used him?


We used House of Carpets and Curtains from Sydenham High Road - they were pretty good, including fitting lino on a floor which is basically a triangle! And we didn’t have to wait too long for them either.


Having used someone in Wandsworth (we were driving past and the shop looked nice…), then Lordship Lane Carpets and most recently EJ Carpets, I’d be happy to recommend EJ.

They were great. Lovely to deal with, knowledgable and very straightforward and a decent price. They are a fantastic FH company.


The last owners of our house used EJ Carpets and have said they’d recommend.


EJ carpets are very good, I’ve used them a few times now.


We had EJ round once and we’re very disappointed in the price and in their “take it or leave it” attitude so we went elsewhere. We used Beaver Flooring in the end (this was for laminate though) and they were excellent…


EJ Carpets were great at fitting a carpet in our hall recently and dealing well with different height thresholds. They were very good and cheaper than Lordship lane carpets.


EJ Carpets are very good.


Coincidentally EJ Carpets is another very successful long time retailer on Perry Vale.


M W Flooring in Sydenham are excellent. Family business, highly competitive prices and first class reliable service. Went to them after a local firm had quoted 20% higher price than they had charged my neighbour for identical carpet - same dimensions, colour etc. Have to say this was several years ago.


We’ve used EJ Carpets several times as well - we’ve tended to use them when we want something a little more than a basic square room done, such as a carpeting a returning staircase, or seamless joining between two rooms.

Always been happy with their work - can’t say fairer than that really.


Thanks everyone for the very prompt replies! I’ll pop in to EJ Carpets and have a chat and will report back as and when the job is done.


EJ carpets fitted a new stair runner to our house last week. We were delighted with the service, the friendly staff and the quality of the job.


Looks fab, Chris. We went with EJs too (see my post above) and they did a great job for a reasonable price.


I love the new trend that @RachaelDunlop is setting.

Almost studio quality pics of the carpets, the dog and the pots at the front-door- I feel now I am not disadvantaged by not having a subscription to House and Gardens.

Long may it continue.

Oops did I mis-read that - are the carpets from @ChrisBeach’s house?

Ach well - when you set a trend there will always be followers.


I put my carpets in another thread, but will shortly be posting a photo of the curtains we had made by Designer Drapes in Penge if y’all need another goggle at my exquisite taste…


I knew this forum had potential - and boy does it deliver.

Where else can you find the words y’all, goggle and exquisite taste all in the same sentence.



We also used EJ, very happy with them.


Having recently taken four quotes for carpets, including E&J and the discount carpet shop next to Babur, I’m very happy to recommend Neil’s Magic Carpets, which Rachael originally enquired about.

He worked out 30% cheaper than E&J’s quote. It was a little more expensive than the place next to Babur, but the customer service was great. Neil’s a local Dad, brought samples to our house, and helped make the whole process incredibly smooth. We’ve re-carpeted five bedrooms, two landings and two staircases, in just two days, and Neil did an amazing job of carpeting around a house full of beds, wardrobes and other furniture, working entirely by himself, without us having to clear the spaces.

Whereas E&J insisted we would need to have a cast iron radiator removed and replaced, Neil worked around it, and you really can’t see the joins.

He’s on 07984 147403 and