Reopening of Forest Hill pools?

Sorry, my post crossed with ChrisR"s, which overtakes it.

I do hope they award the contract to someone who runs FH better than Fusion.
After 3 years I finally gave up hoping management of our local centre would run it better with less last minute class cancellations and filth and joined another gym

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I’m imagining that Lewisham are looking for a quick and early end to the contract with Fusion who seemingly haven’t yet publicised a plan for re-opening.

For example, Fusion’s statement from 5th August about reopening doesn’t sound optimistic or have much of a plan:

If Lewisham were considering unilaterally taking the contract away from Fusion, there might well be lawyers involved and hence a desire to discuss things behind closed doors until the valid legal options are considered and the way forward chosen.

I wonder if there could be anything like a Force Majeure clause in the contract which can be triggered by C-19 and excuse Fusion for failure to deliver services.

Fairly wild speculation on my part, but hopefully this is a good step to getting things up and running again in Lewisham as quickly as possible.


I’m sure there is a clause for force majeure but what would their excuse be for the fact it isn’t open today?

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I’ve now had a sympathetic reply to my email to a ward councillor. They promise to pass on my concerns about the future of the pool to ‘the appropriate Cabinet Member.’

Personally, I’ve got a soft spot for Fusion, and have no real complaints about the way they ran the pools. (Don’t know about the gym.) But I don’t really mind who runs the pools, so long as they open again as soon as possible

Is there any news on when the pools might be reopening?

Many thanks if anyone has any clue. They never pick up their phone.

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No change on the website. Also, no info on the swim lessons for kids. I can’t beleive schools are back and they still haven’t got anywhere with this.

What I find really mad is that the council agreed to pay 100% of the furlough salaries for Fusion, and yet they are not trying to get those people back to work.

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and we’re not allowed to know why

It was linked earlier in this post too, but Lewisham to award leisure contract in unscheduled decision - they’re changing the management company so the handover is probably taking a while

I’ll be able to let you know shortly what the plan is as I am speaking to the right person at GLL about FHP and the other sites


No they certainly did not pay 100% furlough to their staff, where did you pick up that news?

Any news when pool and gym will reopen. The area around is getting overgrown. We need some action lewisham council.

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They definitely registered staff for furlough. I’m not sure what percentage, but my son’s been paid via the scheme.

I have just had a reply from Cllr Sophie Davis. The new contact has been awarded to Greenwich Leisure Ltd. There is no definate time of reopening. See what happens

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Emails apparently went out to customers yesterday saying October (ish)

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I haven’t had an email. I used to over-sixties swim twice a week before lockdown, but perhaps I don’t count as a customer as I didn’t have to pay.

If you didn’t pay you arguably weren’t a customer! In reality it is probably because you didn’t have a subscription

My OH has membership and hasn’t received an email.
its a bit of a s***show tbh not properly updating people who have been paying membership fees since closure

My OH got bored waiting and cancelled her membership but got the email. Maybe they don’t care about the people paying for nothing (gyms always have a weird relationship with them)

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My son’s a lifeguard there and hasn’t been contacted about anything either. I know they’re not easy to source so I’m sure they’d have been in touch about transferring staff if there was anything happening imminently.

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