Restaurant deliveries in Forest Hill



I never have a fish & chip delivery- maybe I should give it a go :heart_eyes:

Got lots going on so this could be good :+1:


Oh My Cod in Catford delivers and it’s usually very good.


Oh my cod menu looks good. May try them one day!


I am new and this is my first post! While I was working out how to use my oven I tried a couple via JustEat and HungryHouse. Thai Orchid – really recommend, delicious duck curry! And Hing Dragon, which I think is actually in Lewisham and was also great :slight_smile:


Hi Hojo and welcome.


Only just started posting and it seems 90% of what I talk about is food… anyway… favourite local restaurants for delivery are Thai Orchard and the India Gate (the Dhansak and veg Korma at the latter are so so good!).

Will also jump on the Saka Maka bandwagon. Not had takeaway from there, but it’s an excellent restaurant. Reasonably-priced, interesting and tasty dishes. Couldn’t recommend it more.


Thank you :slight_smile:


are you chips thin or fat?


Had a pretty terrible meal from India Gate personally (Ch Tikka Masala & Jalfreizi) Wouldnt recommend.


Big fat chip shop chips, served in a cardboard box, so they don’t go soggy! Oh dear, I could eat some right now :joy: lol


Brothers on Dartmouth Road deliver and they do some decent kebabs.

On a side note, I’ve heard from a few different take away owners now that they get absolutely rinsed when taking orders through JustEat, deliveroo and those other app firms. If they have a phone number and you got some minutes then give them a buzz instead.


Maybe slightly off topic, but I’ve heard that the owners of brothers kebab shop are taking on Aroma Cafe at FH Station, apparently it will become a Bistro though that’s all I’ve heard.

Lazy Chef Bar & Kitchen (formerly Aroma cafe; now open)


I love that place. It better not change its breakfasts in any way. Suppliers of all products must remain the same.


Had a delivery from Oh My Cod tonight and it was fine, but nothing special. The chips were under done, which is one-strike-and-you’re-out offence as far as I’m concerned. Fish was good.

I haven’t had decent chips from a chippy in London all the (many) years I’ve lived here. Every time I go up North or back to Belfast, the first thing I do is get fish and chips because they are just SO much better than here.


Don’t rate Brockleys Rock chips? Or not tried them?


Not tried them, or indeed heard of them.


I got take-away from there this evening. Absolute gem of a place. Gets very busy though. Was told the wait was 15 mins but turned into 30.

Best local fish and chips

Looks fab, but a bit of a schlep for me, being at the other extreme end of SE23.


Worth every inch of the journey , and mine always gets home hot and crispy.

Indeed it does get busy Chris, once you are aware of it, you just accept it lol. The quality speaks for itself.


Agreed. Makes sense to phone in order if you can, though getting through to that can be tricky too sometimes.

Re chips, we ask for them to be well done. It is an instruction that works wonders!