RIP Stefania

I can’t believe it :heart:

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There are some flowers placed where the lady sits under the passageway. Does anyone know if she’s OK, or not OK? Concerning.

I spoke with her a few weeks ago. Smiling as usual but she did not look healthy. But I haven’t seen her since. I’m going to hope for the best.

Oh no !! Hope she’s ok… she definitely isn’t healthy and hasn’t been for a very long time. My son likes us to buy food for her sometimes. She’s never asked for anything from anybody I know.

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Oh that’s a worry! I’ve bought food for her before, a couple of times I asked her what she wanted and bought it was she had gone by the time I got back about 10 mins later which though really annoying was also a concern as I wouldn’t have thought she would go knowing there was some food coming.


There was group of people laying flowers when I went past an hour ago, they were talking about it being sad news. Doesn’t look great but hopefully I’m wrong.

Oh no :worried:

There was a much younger girl sat there sobbing yesterday or the day before. She kinda looked like a younger version of the lady that normally sits there.

Today there are flowers and a burning candle.

She has died apparently. Someone on the underpass told me she had an operation for a blood clot in the leg and didn’t survive the operation due to infection. Her name was Stephanie. Extremely sad.

Last time I saw her was a couple of weeks ago. She was harmless and always polite to me.

Really sad news.

God bless her :worried: such a lovely girl. RIP :dove:


This is tragic. I’ll always remember the help she’d offer to carry bags and prams up the stairs. She gave kindness. I was so often happy to see that kindness returned.


Posted on our Facebook Page:


Absolutely horrid news. RIP.

This is so sad. She was always so friendly, one of the first friendly faces of forest hill I got to know after moving here last year.

Very sad reading the negative posts above before this in contrast to the news. People end up homeless for many reasons and the death of this young woman reiterates the failures of a system that are supposed to protect us in hard times.

RIP Stephania


RIP- she seemed like such a lovely woman. Feel awful for her family.

Thank you @ForestHull for creating a new thread and moving these tributes. There was much chat about this last night at the All In One and particularly among people who knew Stefania and her individual story.

Congratulations on promotion to moderator.

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Actually @Kirsty_Maslen created the new topic, I just renamed it a little and split the posts that made sense.

I’m not a moderator, I just have sufficient trust level to be able to help organise things as others have too. And I was not at the All In One or aware of such discussion, but glad others independently shared the same kind thought.


Very sad.

Very sad news. :cry:

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