Road improvements and speeding

This is just a small snapshot of which others will have their own stories. However I’d like to highlight the hairpin on the south circular as you approach Sunderland road and Stanstead road. If there are any councillors on here I’d like to know if they can bring this to the council and TfL’s attention before someone is seriously injured. I saw someone crash into the pedestrian island a few months ago and just drive off. Here are my points on the road layout.

  • there is no cycle lane on this section with cars overtaking cyclists on the corners.

  • Speeding on the approaches ( I’ve seen vehicles doing above 60)

  • Taking the corner at speed and cutting the corner altogether. Especially bad when done by lorries.

  • Leaving and entering the junctions on Stanstead road and Sunderland road as if there was no junction.

These are just a few of the main points but at the very least I think temporary speed cameras as vehicles approach the bends would be worthwhile and protect cyclists and pedestrians crossing the road not to mention other vehicles trying to turn into Sunderland and Stanstead road.

Where are the safer streets that were promised a month or so ago? Parts of Central London has them but that’s not where people live or work these days.


This particularly irritates me. Cycling through this section is especially nerve-racking. I wish people wouldn’t overtake on corners. I’ve started taking the whole lane around here, as we’re entitled to do, to avoid close passes.


Seen so much on this junction like it’s been mention the car smash into central bollard then drive off. Also cars racing up and down Sunderland to standstead road without stopping

This section is dangerous, although much of the south circular is to be honest. A car travelling westbound drove into the side of Topps Tiles not so long ago.
As a cyclist, other danger points in the area include cars pulling out of Devonshire Road onto the south circular and the point where Stondon Park Road meets Brockley Rise. The road has a weird curve there and cars invariably take the curve too tight when travelling south and veer into the cyclist’s path.
Some of the ‘safer streets’ have introduce more hazards for cyclists, the area around Cutty Sark in Greenwich for example. Also, the expensive road improvements on Dartmouth Road have created a dangerous race track for those inclined to speed. I have come to the conclusion that most of the road safety experts are not regular cyclists.


The Sunderland Stanstead Chicane on the South Circular is pretty dire for pedestrians as well, even with the two small islands provided. You’d think some drivers thought they were Lewis Hamilton coming out of the Parabolica in Monza.

On the flip side it provides walkers a good cardio boost.


The worst is coming down Horniman Hill towards FH. Traffic at the lights backs up and cars leave gaps for those going up the hill to turn into the Esso/Tesco garage - be very carefully when filtering down the side of traffic! Also cars turn left onto Honor Oak Rd without indicating, so don’t get on the inside of a moving car near the junction.

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Lost count of the times I have seen drivers turn into the garage and Honor Oak Rd with no indication and obviously without looking - I get a second sense these days along that stretch… I ride in the traffic if I take that route…
OP is also right about the circ going west but I avoid that like the plague…


Couldn’t be a worse place for a petrol station. It’s also really badly lit so it’s hard to see traffic turning into the road.

You could add these thoughts here

There’s loads of good ideas already added to improve cycling and walking in Lewisham.

A lot of people have added comments, but only a few have been taken up by the Council around the library and Devonshire road I think. (Yet to be seen)

I’m all for the suggestion of improving the crossing by the station.

I always think about how to improve the crossing. Especially as it can take 3 mins to get across when you’re coming down the hill if you don’t jump the pedestrian lights - infuriating when you (used to) need to run for a train.

I’m not sure what the solution is. If you let people cross all in one go then the cars are waiting longer and the traffic will back up even more than it already does.

The best solution might be some kind of underpass although probably way too expensive. My preferred solution is a road tunnel starting before the fish and chip shop on the other side an re-emerging around Cox’s Walk near Dulwich Park. Can we start a gofundme for that?


There has been a lot of chatter around road tunnels, not just in Forest Hill but a number of touch points on both orbital roads. I recall the last Mayor asking for proposals but I’m not sure if anything came out of it. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a town centre focused only on local traffic and creating a landscaped space to promote greater footfall for our great local shops.

It may be a vision too far. Then again, Boston did it. Perhaps Forest Hill will get its Big Day too.

Maybe this is the report. Sadly it appears to propose an underground inner inner ring road.

Why “sadly”?

Luckily Elon Musk is onto that problem.

Sadly because it didn’t include a tunnel under Forest Hill.

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Apologies if this has been mentioned already, but I’ve just seen this from Lewisham Council, and I find it hugely encouraging.

No doubt motorists will have their own views on this, but this is music to my ears:


It’s still a bit light on exact detail, but suspending this sort of thing on Dartmouth Road can only be a good thing: Parking on pavement outside Forest Hill Library

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