Roadworks London Road

Does anyone know how long the roadworks near the garage on London Road will go on for? I caught a bus to town the other day and it took 40 minutes to go from the swimming pool to Hornimans! It then got to Waterloo in 30 mins.

Looks like they are permitted until the 16th:

Not much to look at today, so maybe the works are already complete and just waiting for the pavement to be relaid and the temporary lights removed. It’s still causing lots of traffic through Forest Hill, and Wildenshaw Road is seeing plenty taking the short cut too :frowning:

Apparently there is also now a burst water main adding to the chaos:

Traffic doesn’t seem particularly worse than usual now… :crossed_fingers:

The traffic issues caused by these roadworks were on BBC Radio 2’s traffic reports yesterday which as it’s a national radio station was slightly surprising to hear!

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It’d be easier to report when there isn’t a burst water main in that area. I’ve never known anywhere have so many burst pipes!


Ha yes! It’s been discussed here before - I seem to recall last time it was something to do with a leak at ‘Dolphin Living’. I think there’s something very fishy going on up there… :dolphin:

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There was the leak at Honor Oak Road last week. Monday/Tuesday this week, there was water streaming down from the corner of Sydenham Hill towards Dulwich Common. So many that it’s hard to know which bit in particular this one covers!

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