Say 'No' to further retail at Bell Green



Good points from both @Nicki_Reddington and @ChrisBeach

With so much at stake for Forest Hill businesses has the @FHTA got a plan to retain and increase their business? The council doesn’t have sole responsibility surely?


I’ll speak to the rest of the FHTA exec about this :+1:

@Michael or @Nicki_Reddington do any of you have minutes from last nights meeting?


Hmm, not sure. It was a sort of open forum discussion. Lots of people there who stood up and spoke (sydenham society, FH society, councillors, residents etc) I’ll see if there’s any minutes from the Sydenham Soc. i’ll let you know !


Cheers Nicki x


Pauline - hi I chaired the discussion on it. Suffice to say there was a strong turn out and NO ONE was in favour from Bellingham, Sydenham and Perry Vale wards. The developers will fight dirty.

What I do know is that the area ISNT zoned for retail so can be turned down. councillors who aren’t on planning committee were there and spoke - they are against any more retail developments. Simply put the roads/infrastructure around can’t support any more traffic. AND more importantly the pull of people away from high streets and local community when so much has been invested in trying to regenerate it is not wanted.

We’re trying to pull together some key objections - Nicki’s figures are critical. Air pollution levels up there are already at illegal levels I think.

We’re doing posters for shops locally as we’re so concerned this will impact local businesses. I really think this is something we should all be pulling together on. The developers will fight dirty I’m sure - the public consultation already showed overwhelming opposition but they still put it in AND timed it to be over easter.

Individual objections need to go in -


Thanks for this @Didievans will look into it more & make all FH Traders aware on our Google group.

@Simon just checking you’ve saw this!

Please email me all info you have on this


@Didievans & @Nicki_Reddington Just to let you know I’ll add this to our next FHTA meeting agenda.



Amazing thank you. Objections have to be in by 18th April. They’re planning a massive Aldi, “restaurant” and cafe.


I think that site if anything it should e use for a nice park with sensory garden for children with disabilitys


Almost to scared to post that but am I the only one who would love to have more retail in bell green, I don’t think there is anything to preserve and welcome more shops, however I absolutely support the traffic issue and it should not impact on people living there. I don’t think there is any chance to stop more retail moving in and the focus should be how the traffic can be sorted out to lessen the impact on the neighbourhood , any shops down there offer complete different range to dartmouth road so I can’t see how it would impact the shops there unless you can tell me where I can get clear decking varnish on dartmouth road and I am happy to buy it there


Couldn’t disagree more


Your post means nothing speak up


I think the issue is that there is a fear that people tend to go to Bell Green to get decking varnish or whatever but while they are there they pop into a big retail unit and get maybe some nice ham from the deli counter instead of going to Il Mirto and pick up some sweets instead of going to Sugar Mountain or getting a quick veg shop in rather than going to Waters…
Centers such as Bell Green do act as magnets that attract footfall which to some extent takes it away from surrounding areas. I don’t think that there is any doubt that they do damage to local shops. That is not to say that they should be banned or discouraged but local protest should be taken into account…
My personal take on this development is that it totally lacks any imagination and is just about the easiest, laziest and cheapest thing that could be done with the place. It adds nothing of any real value to the local area while at the same time it will impose more traffic and more large vehicles on our surrounding streets. Having said that I haven’t really seen any alternative plans put forward and no doubt commercialism will win the day.


I do get what you are saying and it would all be true if there were no Sainsbury’s in forest hill because the only trade I take away is from there by shopping in the big one. I think people need to support the independent shops but thinking off my own shopping habits the farmers market is the only place where u would shop and at the same time would not visit the independent shops. I really want the high street to be successful I just don’t get the argument about bell green seems more than a popular excuse to me, traffic seems to be the issue so that what should be concentrated on


Like to add that the best outcome would be that Aldi would move downstairs at heron house that would increase the footfall on dartmouth road rather than be bypassed by people walking up to Sainsbury’s


Or even better Paddy Power or Budgens in Sydenham


It means I disagree with the idea that we should say no to the bell green development. Those big blue eyesores need to go so we make use of the space for something more practical.


Thanks fir clarifying :smiley:


There’s also the middle ground, which I occupy: I’d like to see the site developed, but find the currently plans uninspiring. It only takes a few tweaks to make a development better. Imagine if the units below the new flats had been let as several smaller units instead of being knocked through into a maze and plastered with ugly Sports Direct window decals and posters.


That’s why I call you the voice of reason