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A pretty neat thing you can do is have multiple themes available, with one set as the default but then the rest that can be selected by users from the hamburger menu

Personally I would love it if you offered a dark theme too.


Personally, I find dark backgrounds quite hard to read from on my phone, which is where I do most of my forum stuff.

I do find it quite hard to find older threads though. But I think it’s a safe bet to say I’m not the most techie of users. STF, which I think is a really old fashioned feeling layout (not a good thing), is easier to search among older posts on.

Good call @promofaux. I use dark themes at night-time (much easier on the eyes).

Later today This weekend I’ll enable the following theme component which means will respect your current operating system light/dark setting (and thus will support time-scheduled dark mode):


My Twitter feed changes automatically from light during the day to dark in the evening. I rather like that.

1 Like will now match the light/dark mode you’ve chosen on your device (for devices that support dark mode).

For those devices that automatically switch between light/dark mode at sunrise/sunset, will automatically switch too.


If you don’t have a device that supports dark mode, you can manually switch to the dark theme in your user interface preferences. There is also a preference to disable automatic dark mode switching.

Like all new features, please keep an eye out for any issues and let me know here.



Some of the styling may need a bit of a tweak, note the two following post highlights.

Also, slightly on the same topic. Have you tweaked your CSS for whispers to work nicely with dark mode yet? If so, any hints? I currently have this over on the Pi-hole forums, which I think I just pinched from your site CSS when you were purely light mode (doesn’t look great with dark!):

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Thanks @promofaux. I haven’t yet adjusted those bits of custom styling but I will do.

Update: I’ve now made some improvements to dark mode styling, and these are shared via theme components which you can use on your own Discourse forum(s):


Personally I actually prefer the white theme although I use Dark Mode for most things. I did notice that it’s picked up my Mac’s ‘Dark Mode by default’ setting and automatically the site went dark for me (in Safari). I changed it back to the standard theme and then it went right back to Dark when I clicked on the home page. Turns out there’s a “Disable automatic Dark Mode theme switching” check box at the bottom of the Interface preference settings, otherwise it will just switch back to Dark mode.


Oddly I just got forced to relogin (maybe a cookie expired) and it’s defaulted back to Dark Mode and in preferences the dropdown only contains ‘Dark’…?

How is your battery status? Apparently, Android can switch to dark mode when battery is low.