Meetup: June 2016, Sylvan Post



What does a Meetup Involve?

In May, four days after went live, a few of our first members met at The Hill Lounge. Turns out we’re an interesting bunch and had a great evening getting to know each other and sharing ideas for

We’re keen to do it again in June. An open invitation to all forum members - a casual sit/stand get-together with no fixed agenda, and where you can feel comfortable just popping in for five minutes to have your profile verified, or stay and see where the night takes us.

Us @admins are keen to know how can work better for you - I’ll exchange a drink of your choice for your insight :wine_glass: :tropical_drink: :beers:


Thurs 30th is the clear winner from the poll


  • The Perry Vale did lovely food, but their layout seemed to lend itself more to a restaurant atmosphere?

  • The Sylvan Post could be good.

  • Signal also (although they charged me £11.50 for a double G&T the other day, which was a bit of a stinger. I accidentally chose the good stuff!)

  • I think we’d get a bit “lost” in the Capitol - it’s just so massive, and open plan. Let’s have the “after party” there if people are up for it. :wink: It is shutting down, after all.

  • The Perry Vale
  • Sylvan Post
  • The Signal
  • Other - please comment below

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Booking / Numbers

Thanks for the offer of booking a space @Pauline. I’m not sure at this stage on numbers but let’s assume ten people

Whichever venue we choose, I reckon there’s some good PR in it for them! :tada:

Bar Tab

I’ve had one or two people interested in commercial posts lately. If any of these comes to fruition, I’ll put every penny of revenue behind the bar for the meetup.

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I think I can make the 30th. I agree that the Perry Vale is great for food, but not a place for just drinks at 7:30 on Thursday - I’ve voted


Looks like Sylvan Post is our choice! Any chance you could get in touch with them @pauline? I think space for ten should be sufficient.


No worries Chris, being optimistic like I always am I’ll book for 15 :+1:

Also for future meetings we should add “The Railway Telegraph” (there’s an upstairs room we could use) & “All Inn One” (back room we could use) to the list, I think both would be good options & would work for future meet ups & always good to move it around between local businesses.

Any in HOP we can to this list?


I’m a big fan of the Railway Telegraph and I’d be interested to check out All Inn One.

Regarding HOP, I spoke to the guy serving in Hopscotch today and he was really positive about the site (he asked to put a poster up!) and sounds like we’d be welcome to host a future meetup there too.


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Railway Telegraph to move into new hands

Table for 15 has now been booked at The Sylvan Post for our next meet up. Might be a good idea if all can say if they’re coming or not incase we have to extend this :+1:


Not sure if I can make this one (I like the Sylvan Post though) but if you are after Honor Oak venues to consider then there is Watson’s General Telegraph, which has a craft beer wall, the General Napier, which I understand now has a real ale on tap (yet to confirm this though), London Beer Dispensary, more Crofton Park but great beer and burgers or the Honor Oak, which is really somewhere in between Honor Oak and Forest Hill.


Cheers Pauline!

Right then, folks, poll #2:

  • :white_check_mark: I’m coming
  • I might be able to make it
  • :negative_squared_cross_mark: Can’t make it this time

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Hiya all, I am new to the Forum, so would love to come along and meet people. Will see you on the 30th.


I would like to come for drinks too with @EmBrand and Tibor who is also part of One Tree Hill.
Thanks so much for the invite @anon64893700 @chrisbeach @thirstforwine @Pauline


Oh look forward to hanging out Kate & gang x


Look forward to meeting everyone – and getting certified.


I would love to come along but am away that week on a training course. Def up for the next one. Will have to send @BMSE23 on my behalf , although I think he is planning to attend anyway, babysitter permitting :grin:


I have bought lots of sticky labels which I will print with the logo. There’ll be space to write your username. Should help put names to faces. Will also be giving out mini cards if people want to hand them to friends to spread the word. Blew the stationary budget already!*

*there is no budget :money_mouth_face:


Do we have to put our own names on the stickers, I recall we done this a long time ago at a Christmas drink up from another site & I think @Michael was me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah you can put whatever names you like on the labels. If you want to be “Pauline” for the night, @Michael, that’s fine. We’re a liberal bunch here aren’t we? :grinning:


Not sure I will make this yet.
Have an appointment on Thursday evening, so will have to see how I get on there, and if I am in a fit state to come along afterwards.
Sounds like it will be busy! :slight_smile:


Oh, this should be fun, now to decide who I’m gonna be :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Would anybody be offended if I wasn’t @Pauline. Nothing personal.