SE23 Meetup, May 2019, Sylvan Post


Hi all

My name is Dan and I’ve lived in Honor Oak Park for 2 years. I’m 30 years old and I’m keen to make more friends in my local area.

I’ve seen in the forum that there was a previous social at Sylvan Post in February and I would like to host another event on 2nd May at the Sylvan Post.

Heron House, 24-28 Dartmouth Rd, Forest Hill, London SE23 3XZ


Let me know if you’re interested in going :slight_smile:



Definitely! I keep meaning to organise something but time is passing me by quite quickly. The last one was a lot of fun so happy to go to another meet up.

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I will the decisiveness already with date & location.
Keen to come along. Added it in my diary :grin:

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Sounds good! Looking forward to it :slight_smile:

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I missed the last get together so I’ll hopefully I can make this one!

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Brilliant! Couldn’t make the last one and Thursdays are generally easier than Fridays for me. Hopefully see you all then!

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I’d be keen to pop along. I’ll put it in my diary.


Yes enjoyed the last one so will pop in


My boyfriend and I will hopefully be coming along. We missed the last one but it’d be great to meet some locals :slight_smile:

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Me and Boyfriend are new to the area so will come along to say hi :+1:

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Will any geriatrics like me be attending? If so I’d like to come along.

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This sounds awesome, count me in for the next one, I’m moving to FH next week and just discovered this site

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Hi, new to this forum and to Forest Hill but am keen to meet people in the area so hope to be able to make this!

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Great to see new forum members and socialites @DLLL88, @Tanya_White, @Lydia, @rachelclarep and @cepn. Welcome to! :wave:

Looking forward to the meetup :beers:


Count me in too Chris :slight_smile:

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Yes me :rofl:


Hi everyone, I’m new to the area and would love to come along and meet some locals! I’ll be there around 8pm.

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@DLLL88 have you booked a table at the @Sylvanpost? Will be worth it as 10+ people are likely to attend. Last time I believe @Emily_Ray made the booking and we got several tables joined together in the front area of the pub.


I would say with couple of plus 1 there might be even more. Also mentioned this at book club meeting and couple of people interested so could be nearer 20.
We certainly filled the tables last time

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