SE23's 2016 Newcomers - Which have you tried?

2016 was a bumper year for new shops, pubs and restaurants in Forest Hill and Honor Oak:

Which of these new and re-fitted businesses have you visited so far?

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The results may show one or two under-loved new ventures - let’s lend our support by trying them out.

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Shockingly I have only been to one. Must get out more.

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This is a really good idea for a poll. Nice one.


The new improved Hopscotch is SO much better than it used to be. We’ve become regulars and our little girl loves the staff in there - and their babyccinos! The evening pop-up restaurant idea is great too… the Japanese comfort food they’re doing at the moment is delicious.


Japanese!!! That’s it. I am in.


Can I add & www.SE23.Life :slight_smile:

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Is the Japanese pop up still there??

On the site it says

“Fowl Mouth are joining us in the evening, serving up their amazing Japanese comfort food. Starting Friday 28th October and then every Thursday and Friday through to December”

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Oh dear, sounds like it’s finished then. Sorry if you missed it - it was wonderful while it lasted!

It has finished I believe. It was fab though.

Just contacted Fowl Mouths to see if they are doing anything else locally.


I’ve told Mel AKA Fowl Mouths about this thread via twitterland :slight_smile:

She’s a lovely local.

One of my lovely customers popped in today to let me know she was going to visit some of the new shops listed on here that she hasn’t been to yet because of this thread.

So good call @ChrisBeach for posting it :+1::+1: