Simple pleasures of SE23

I was just pondering the routine little pleasures that make me feel happy to live here, and thought I’d share a few:

  • seeing friendly cats on my commute and stopping to fuss each one
  • discovering the views from our parks on a quiet evening, alone and in total silence (not even the hum of traffic can be heard from Blythe Hill Fields)
  • sitting in St David’s with a flat white by the window
  • Mamma Dough’s New Yorker (not on the regular menu but they’ll generally whip one up if you ask)
  • finally meeting (in real life) the people I’ve chatted with online for years on various local forums

Those are some of my favourites. How about yours?


Good post t @anon5422159 should make for an interesting read of some replies. I am sure pubs and eateries will be included.

For me it’s the variety from busy to silent roads, plenty of places to walk without getting bored. Friendly faces of neighbours and shop keepers. As well as the hints of history on almost every corner.
Have always said I wouldn’t want to live in any other part of London.
Hell I even get nostalgic when I fly back from another country and hear sirens for the first time again lol.


For me it’s always feeling safe wandering around SE23 no matter what time of day or night it may be.

Always saying hi or stopping to chat to at least one person anywhere I go in the area.

And last but not least having locals popping in to the shop for a chat on a daily basis about anything from the weather to asking for advice on personal issues or just for a joke and a laugh.

But my favourite has to be the funny things the kids tell me or say - every day no matter what mood I’m in at least one kid makes me laugh or smile :slight_smile: