Calling all Cat Spotters of SE23

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As I walk home through Grierson Road, Garthorne Road and Ebsworth Street, I see these little guys almost every time:

Buster, in Garthorne, who has a huge, tangled mop of hair and must get hot in the summer, but is always cheerful. Very friendly owner, too.

Grumpy Cat [nickname], who sits on a high wall observing people as they walk past. Has become friendlier lately and likes a chin rub:

There are a couple more that I’ll try to grab photos of - “Chatty Cat” in Ebsworth Street (anyone who lives here will know the one I mean), and the lovely tuxedo cat on Bovill Road.

Anyone else have favourite local felines?


Look forward to more pics. Usually harder for me to get cat pics for some reason lol

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Here’s Jack, the Bovill Road tuxedo, always on the move, very hard to photograph!

And Jack’s young ginger playmate, who’s never far from him:


This was our sometime regular visitor in Ewart Road, taking advantage of the absence of a dishwasher, before going upstairs to sleep. She still visits but prefers to stay outside now.


This is Rudy. When I bought St David coffee house he was the stray that used to hang round & come in & sleep off his heavy night. We used to feed him and after about 6momths were all very fond. He ended up (we think) getting run over as he came in very battered one day so I took him to the vet and they told me, much to our suprise he was chipped! Turns out the chap next door who now no longer lives there owned him but didn’t want him. So rudy has been mine since 2012 he’s now a real indoor cat & loves food, sitting in boxes he’s far to big for or sunbathing in my back garden!


I remember Rudy! I was delighted the first time I discovered him in St Davids a few years ago. Snapped this photo at the time:

There’s nothing more relaxing than being the presence of a purring cat, and it’s one of the reasons I fell in love with St Davids as a venue, too.

Thanks for sharing your story, Sian. I was heartbroken to hear that he’d been involved in an accident (and also that he was abandoned by his previous owner), but I’m pleased to know that you have taken him in and are looking after him.


Yep, Jack has a pretty full schedule of neighbourhood engagements – probably why everyone seems to know his name!

Here’s Jack with his (far shyer) brother Ollie.


The kids at the Horniman School love the mottled ginger cat that waits for the kids every morning by the school gate.


Does anyone know the name of this lovely cat? We nick-named him Walter, he lived behind the Dartmouth Arms a couple of years ago but haven’t seen him since. He was a bit flea-ridden last time we saw him and had to chuck him out of the house, so think he is a stray, but would love to hear he is ok! (If anyone knows…)


Gulliver, Ebsworth Street’s chatty cat. Every time he sees me he lets out a long “meeeeeewwwww” (he’s doing it in the photo below)


No, what’s this?


What amazing blue eyes!

Wow, stunning cat.

Rudy used to sit on a wall on Devonshire Road some mornings meowing in the face of passers-by heading to the station to pet him. My wife and I called him Mr Mistoffelees.


Met this friendly fella today. A look alike for Rudy?


Yes he does!! :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️

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Ah that amazing! He’s such a friendly cat! And so loving! X

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Noodles and Cookie, also of Bovill Rd


Had to join this group and stop lurking just to comment on this. My wife and I used to say hello to Rudy when he hung out on Devonshire Road as well - we called him Monster. We were worried when he disappeared so it’s great to know he is doing well!

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