Sky Broadband problems this week?

Has anyone else had a few internet outages this week? We had at least one in the week and two yesterday (Saturday 3rd) - at least an hour at a time.

(We have Sky Fibre on Cabinet 15.)


We use Talk Talk and our Internet this week has been very unreliable: slow connection, dropping in and out etc.

I’m on Talk Talk standard broadband in Sunderland Road and normally get a pretty stable 16Mb connection but a few times in the last week I had issues with buffering when streaming Eurosport Player on my laptop and when I did a speed test it was only 8Mb which is unusual.

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We’re in Bird-in-Hand Passage and have just lost our Sky Superfast (when it works!) broadband. At least the third outage since the weekend started.

Same! My Sky broadband connection just died. Mid client presentation. Excellent work.


Mine too, also Sky Broadband


Yep our Sky broadband dropped out about 30mins ago too

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Ours just came back, whilst we were logging our complaint with SkyHelp. Hopefully everyone else’s is coming back now.

Might have spoke too soon. Gone again!

Yes ours went out about half an hour ago - not back yet. I’m currently on the phone waiting to get through to Sky. I tried calling customer services directly but that just leads to a dead end referring back to the website. I had to use the Sky app and do a diagnostic and then it gave me a link to click to call, and now I’m on hold - been waiting 20 mins so far…!

We are through and still talking to them. If you want to let us know your postcode/street we will tell them. Are your phones also on Sky as they may be affected?

That goes for anyone else who wants us to tell sky while we’re speaking to them. DM me if you prefer.

We are in SE23 3HJ

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Got it. Will pass it on.

Stay on the phone as they say everyone needs to report it, despite our pointing out you and others can’t get through!

Thanks - I have got through and am speaking to them now. I have let them know my neighbours are having the same problem at the same time.

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They say they are sending an Openreach engineer out tomorrow between 8am and 1pm to check the box and wires as I said that it was affecting the whole area (thanks to your replies here). Hopefully they will be able to identify and fix the problem - although perhaps we may experience a small outage while they are doing their testing so be prepared…


Thanks. Seems to be coming back intermittently. An openreach engineer is booked for Wednesday. Ridiculous that we need to do duplication.

As an FYI, it looks like only a fibre issue now as our landline - using sky broadband as distinct from superfast/fibre - is now working.

Update: the openreach engineer came just now but refused to check the local wiring, looked at our socket, declared it “fixed” and left, despite us explaining the issue was affecting several properties. So no help there. I hope it doesn’t happen again but if it does I guess I have to phone Sky again and explain the Openreachengineer refused to investigate the problem we are having…