St David Coffee House makes "Best 9 Coffee Shops" - Evening Standard


An article in yesterday’s Standard:

St David Coffee is a wonderful little place with a great atmosphere and probably the best flat white in Forest Hill.

Much deserved mention in the Standard.

Music in St Davids basement

Well done, St David’s! I do love their coffee but can’t work in there so it doesn’t feature on my regular roster.


Why can’t you work there?


Thanks again for this xx


@StDavid no problem Sian - glad to have you onboard.


It’s just a personal thing. Most of the tables are too small for laptop and coffee and notebook. They’re also a bit too close together for me to entirely forget my neighbours. And I’m always conscious of people coming and going. I can work almost anywhere but this space just don’t work for me. Which is bad luck for me because they make the best coffee in FH, hands down.

Which is the best cafe with wifi around here?

Their table by the window is my favourite for working - I quite like being surrounded by the buzz of people when I’m otherwise zoned-in on my laptop.

Provided people keep their kids at bay, that is.


We are just about to take over the downstairs basement flat - building stairs from our shop down into the basement - this will be starting end of June we hope for more seats, lap top space & all that sort of stuff -


I’m normally the same, @chrisbeach, I find the white noise in cafes really conducive to concentrating. I’ve worked well in St David’s when I’ve had that table, it’s a peach! And when it’s only half full. But at other times - no. It’s just me and I don’t know why, I’m not normally so fussy. If I were a knit-your-own-yoghurt type I’d say the energy in there doesn’t resonate with mine. :wink:


Now that IS good news!


Excellent news! :grinning:


Well done Sian and the team. Deserved.

My favourite table is the one in the corner by the kitchen, with the big sturdy chair, looking out over the shop.


Hahaha thank you! The overlord seat of St David’s!


I just have to say, it is a coffee shop, not a work station.


I agree. However, what I do is work while I eat. I don’t think people should hog tables for hours on end. Just for me, I need to be able to do both, which is why St David’s currently gets less of my custom than some other coffee shops. That custom entails me buying lunch and coffee and having one hour’s dedicated writing time.


I’ll hope to be occupying it in the morning, if I leave myself enough time before my train.


Sorry, that came out wrong as I had not included the smiley. My bad :grin:


You made a fair point though.


Guilty as charged then, I certainly do it. Most of my meetings are in coffee shops. Easy to recognise me at the end of a busy day, I am the VERY wired guy in the corner drooling slightly :dizzy_face:

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St David’s makes me happy to live in Forest Hill. It is the highlight of my morning commute to pop in for an insanely delicious flat white every day. I hope they last for ever.