St David Coffee House makes "Best 9 Coffee Shops" - Evening Standard


Thank you!! Your so kind :kissing_heart: Will see you in week day mornings xxx


Indeed - well done St Davids’ - I wrote my novel in there! It’s part of Forest Hill’s marrow


How strange. The article is gone. Even did a search on the ES site.


Love St Davids … perfect little nook with gr8 good and coffee !

Please fix your door - it drives me mad .!


Is this space open yet?


End of this month - it will be ready by the 30th of not before! X


The iced lattes are great. I had seven the other day. :dizzy_face:


This is so funny! My member of staff text me at the end of the day & said ‘you won’t believe this but some guy had 7 iced latte today!’ So now we know it was you!! :joy::joy:


And it doesnt end there. I enjoyed them so much I went home, ground some beans and made another in my Aeropress. I then ground a lot more beans and started a new cold brew. I have not slept since! :dizzy_face:


@StDavid… thought you’d like to know I have friends from Auston, TX in town and they made a special trip to FH just for your coffee.

My friend is a real coffeenista. He secures his beans from a number of sources around the World. He tailors his brew method to the bean. I have had him painstakingly make coffee for me with a Hario V60 and a Syphon (totally worth it but I’m too impatient myself). And yet on his first visit to your shop he thought it was one of the finest coffees he’s had around the World.

Thought you’d like to know.


Good lord! You must have been bouncing off the walls!!


Ah wonderful! thank you for this that’s really made my day! We put so much time & energy into our coffee & I’m glad he appreciated it! Xx


Nope, coffee has little effect on me. Happy to sit down at 10pm with a nice Sertao Natural after a day of hitting the coffee’s before going to bed.


St Davids is fantastic - and where the bulk of the Life Assistance Agency was written. However, I drink tea, so the coffee chat leaves me cold!


I’m in St David at the moment and just checked out their new basement area - brilliant for laptoppers and people looking for a quiet little nook with great coffee:


That looks amazing. I could definitely work in that space.


Hay sorry I was a little dazed when you were in earlier!! Thanks for the shout out xx


Yikes … I think I was also quite dazed when I left and I forgot to pay you! :sweat: Will be back tomorrow to do so… and to eat more of your cake. And to pay for it :flushed: Apologies!


Haha no worries at all xx


Great news. Tracey Ullman’s show returns to the BBC next month. Why is that great? I’ve been trying to recall a comedy sketch someone did about an IT consultant working in a coffee house. And because of the leads for the new Ullman season I now remember.

Here is App Guy!

Seems to be more of these about these days.