Street Art in Honor Oak



Today HOP got some brilliant new street art on the shutters next to Donde courtesy of Lionel Stanhope (I just had a quick chat with him on the high street and congratulated him on the work)

Neonita is working on next door’s brilliant piece on the neighbouring shutters:

We’re catching up with Crofton Park and Brockley :slight_smile:

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Beautiful. Nothing like seeing a street brightned up like this.


There also seemed to be something on the fence at the junction?


ooh - someone grab a photo and upload it here! :grinning:


Think this is it in progress


This just in from Lionel:


A roundup from Lionel of the recent street art added to SE23 and SE4:


Nice article on Street Art by Londonist:


This is show-stopping stuff! Quality! I also love the fact, that there’s no ‘artists signature’ on them - pure class.


@lionel’s work around here is particularly brilliant IMO. Love the typography :heart_eyes:



Not too sure about this!


Next up, Brockley Rise, next to Dalmain School:


Nice to find out the artist responsible for this lovely piece on Brockley Rise:


One of my favourites.


Same here.