Sugar Mountain Closed



Hi All

I will be closing the shop soon.

I’ve been here for 7 years now and it’s time for me to move on and do something else.

I will keep the shop open as normal until myself and @Anotherjohn find a suitable tennant as we don’t want the shop sitting empty. Then I can give everyone an exact date.


I’ll still be involved with community goings on, with the library & working with @Michael so you won’t be getting rid of me that easily :slight_smile:

Ive loved every minute of running my shop and an so grateful for all my amazing customers over the years.

P x



Although my kids are too old for me to use the ‘I’m buying kola cubes for the kids’ excuse anymore!

Sad - my favourite shop in town :frowning:


You can’t close Sugar Mountain @Pauline! :sob:


Oh no!! This is sad :disappointed:


Have you thought of selling online as well as in the shop Pauline? You could weigh and pack sweets between customers. People would love to have a quarter of sweets mailed to them in towns where there are no shops like yours. You could do a monthly subscription service!


I cant believe Charlotte not having your blue sweets because we moved has come to this!!! Dont do it!


Sorry to hear this Pauline. The high street will be be a little less exciting without Sugar Mountain. I hope you do stay involved in everything in the community and i look forward to your next exciting initiative as i know you cannot be stopped!


Nooo! The shop is a memory lane beacon, a glorious independent quirk for Forest Hill and you are a valued local mover and shaker. SO sorry you have to make this decision :cry: Anything we can do as a community to keep you going rather than give way to another nail bar/ fast food joint or empty shop?


Oh no Pauline!! :cry: I am very sorry to hear this. :slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face:


Nooooo… just as my littlest was getting old enough to bribe with a ‘stop at Paulines’ on the way back from ‘daddies beer shop’. Where am I going to get my mix of black jacks and fruit salad now? :sleepy:

Sorry to see you shutting up shop, the high street will certainly be much poorer, and a little less unique for the loss.


Really sad to hear this Pauline. Have you thought of trying to sell the business as a going concern? I’d have thought that there is quite a bit of value in the brand, and maybe someone local would like to pick up where you are leaving off.


Thanks everyone for the lovely comments, very much appreciated by me.

The next tennant that goes into my shop will be a very lucky person having the most amazing landlord that is the legend @Anotherjohn

He is the most fairest, laid kind, and funny person I know and I will always be friends with him and his family. He has been a substitute Dad to me for many years too and I don’t say that lightly about anyone.

I’ve got something up my sleave at the moment but will share when I do my homework!.

You may all have Sugar Mountain still and more if I manage to do what I intend.

P x


So gutted to hear the news. Will pop in for some sweeties for my mother soon.


Hey Pauline. I’m so sorry to hear this. A stop for a chat and a bag of bon bons is the highlight of my trips to Dartmouth Road. I hope you’re next project is even greater and grander.


Greater and grander! Well @pauline I hear the Capitol is still available :yum:


oh nooooo
My hubby is gutted that he wont be able to get sweets…

Good luck @Pauline in your next adventure


Thanks again everyone for the lovely comments :slight_smile:

IF I can pull off and get permission for what I want to sink my teeth into next it will be amazing for the local community and the local traders & get the high street buzzing at weekends :+1::+1:

Like I said I have some homework to do and am meeting @Michael & @JohnRussell next week to get opinions and advice, and off course I will be speaking to @Anotherjohn too for advice and his opinion as I value all of their opinions and advice as they have been involved in community goings on longer than I have.

@MajaHilton I’d also love to have a chat with you about what I want to do and hear your opinion.

P x


Hi Pauline

It was great to finally meet you earlier today - just in time it appears!

Best of luck with your new venture - I have nothing but admiration for people like yourself who set up businesses for themselves, and those who do lots of community work on top of that.



Hi Al

It was lovely to meet you today, and thank you.

Was great to have a chat with you today, and hope the family enjoyed the sweets you picked up today.



Can we start a campaign to crowd-purchase and crowd-eat all of @Pauline’s remaining stock? I’ll gladly make the trip from Tunbridge Wells to help out!