Sugar Mountain Closed



That’s so funny Chris, but everyone will probably be sick.

Though if you really want to do it I’ll post the last day of opening.

Bonkers :joy::joy::joy:


I’m not just thinking about you, @Pauline - I think we need to consider the local dentists your closure is putting out of business! :wink:



That’s funny.

Yeah happy to be involved.


Stay right where you are!
There is limited stock left and there could not possibly be enough sweets to go round. I just hope there is enough left for Halloween. I suspect the parents of little monsters will be stocking up early this year just in case!


Sad to hear about closure Pauline. You’ll be fond memories of a traditional old school sweet shop for many.
I’m intrigued to find out about your next venture, but for now we’re left on an ellipsis…

Good Luck in your next chapter :wink:
To be continued…


I will pop over shortly




Thanks for popping by for a chat today Maja :slight_smile:


I will be keeping stocked up as normal until I close, had a great chat with @MajaHilton today and feeling very positive my new venture will work.

Meeting @Michael and @JohnRussell on Monday to go over my plans too.

And @Anotherjohn is back from his break on Monday too.

Really positive about the new venture I want to go ahead with and am so lucky I have the support and experience from all mentioned here,especially @Anotherjohn who has been absolutely amazing and is supporting me in my decision to sink my teeth into something new, thanks boss xx


Can’t wait to hear the new plans, @Pauline! Keep us informed :+1:


Sure will Chris, but got a lot of work to do over the coming weeks :+1::+1::+1:


Sorry to hear this, but looking forward to what you do next!


Thank you, hope I don’t disappoint :slight_smile:


You are merging with Willy Wonka and there will be a chocolate factory in Forest Hill.


If only, but not so Sherwood.


Pauline is already our Willy Wonka.


Aww thanks, I so much appreciate all the lovely feedback and comments.

Hope I can do all proud with my next venture after my 7 year itch :slight_smile:


If you go in and ask with a whisper, Boots will discretely sell you an ointment for that Pauline.


Very best of luck, Pauline, with whatever you do next. You are a dynamo. I have a suspicion about what you might be up to, but may be totally wrong. Maybe we should do s sweep, winner gets a personalised lucky bag of sweets.


Pauline’s Place, Forest Hills first estate agent where you can get your nails done! You heard it here first :grin: