Sugar Mountain Closed



Haha Mr Man :slight_smile:

And John @Londondrz I couldn’t possibly do that without adding a hairdresser :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Thanks @RachaelDunlop you may well have guessed.

You probably have :slight_smile:


@Pauline I doubt @RachaelDunlop has guessed that you intend to restore the Croydon Canal as an ice rink.

Now let’s stop the speculation and give Pauline some space, otherwise she probably will spill the beans before she has time to work out her options.

But if you see her digging a ditch in the middle of the night, you’ll know what she’s up to.


Ah, thanks @Michael I do need a bit of time out to get my head around new stuff :+1::+1:

Though will be plodding on :rapidly :slight_smile:


@Pauline Will your new venture still be able to offer the kids a safe space?


OH NOOO! The boys are always 'shall we go to Pauline’s?" Really sorry to hear this Pauline - it was growing into a nice parade of shops along Dartmouth road there. x


I agree.
With the Archie Parker, Leaf & Groove, Sugar Mountain and Chiarmello Florists all together I thought it had shaped-up nicely.
Don’t worry though, I will try my best to get a tenant whose business compliments these guys.


I will make sure I am around after School at least once a week for the local kids to come and speak to me in a safe, open environment.

Most probably the library, though I will have to check with “Safe Havens For Jimmy” if I can transfer this to the library one or two days a week, though don’t see it being a problem.

Funnily enough this is what made me upset about deciding to close the shop as I feel I will let kids down that have been bullied etc and trust me just to chat about it normally to me.

Again this is another reason for me moving on as I would love to work part time during the week with kids that are starting to go off the rails that I can pull back before they do, I have a good rapport with kids of this nature in the community and I tend to find out everything and think I could make a difference with them


Please don’t forget I will be working on my weekend venture and still open for business as Sugar Mountain as normal during my change of life guys lol :slight_smile:


Superb Pauline, you are a credit to the community. I hope you are able to continue, but if you are not I dont believe there is a single person out there who would be able to say a negative thing about it. You have given a safe haven to kids for many many years and Charlotte knew she was able to go into your shop not only to buy sweets but if she felt uncomfortable or threatened.

Have a rest, you have earned it!


Nobody’s mentioned the ice creams. Where are we going to go for an eat-in double scoop ice cream and chat on a sunny weekend afternoon?


@Pauline Sad to hear you are closing down. Good luck with your new ventures. Myself and business partner would be very interested being new tenants of property. We are both locals to forest hill and looking to open a unique social enterprise business here. Let me know what is the best way to get in touch, if property still available?


Hi @etesfay2, I’m the landlord but unfortunately the shop is already lined-up with another tenant. I’d be happy for you to PM me with your details just in case any of my other shops on Dartmouth Road unexpectedly become available.

As a general point though, this brings me back to the idea that Forest Hill needs a joined-up approach between landlords, the Forest Hill Society, the Forest Hill Traders Association, prospective new start-ups and local estate agents so that we can try to shape the town centre with individual and interesting businesses instead of the knee-jerk quick lettings to new nail bars (for instance).


Anything can do to help, I’m open to suggestions and collaboration as always :+1:


Thank you Chris; and for anyone else who’d like to expand on this I’m always avaiable for a chat.


Great idea. Would be good to see a more coordinated approach.


@Anotherjohn thanks would love to know about future shops that open up for sale or rent on Dartmouth road. We are ideally looking for a spot that is no more than 10mins from Forest Hill Station. Happy to PM you my details…not sure how to PM on here though :slight_smile:


I have enabled PMing for you @etesfay2


thanks :slight_smile:


Devastated. Forest Hill will not be the same without you.