Sugar Mountain Closed



Any official word on what will come next?
Who can follow in Pauline’s footsteps?


Typically as Sugar Mountain closes, Lordship Lane is getting Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe which is a chain of classic sweet shops.


I will see if I can get the prospective tenant to spill the beans.


I’ll ask too Mr xx


How about this one Etesfay2
43 Dartmouth Road, Forest Hill SE23 - Kinleigh Folkard & Hayward › shops-for-sale


Sorry above link not working. Here is the link…


If it helps, reference to C3 use is a different way of saying there’s a flat on the 1st and 2nd floors.

It’s also worth noting that the empty property next door has just been ordered to reinstate the shopfront (by removing the door to the flat), which might make it more appealing to a new tenant in the near future.

With the prospect of new businesses moving into that empty shop on one side and the redundant pub on the other I’m sure that the future for this property is going to be better than it is at the moment.

£350k for a shop and a flat in a location like this has to be intriguing at least.


I now have the ingoing tenant’s permission to tell all -

It will be run as a separate but complimentary business in close conjunction with Aga’s Little Deli - and here’s the blurb:-

Zero waste greengrocer.
With plant based food - fresh juices, smoothies, salads and we will use glass jars and glass bottles and paper boxes for take away.
We welcome customers to bring their own packaging if they want and we will provide all sort of beans, grains, rice, and pasta.
Ready to pick up veggie and vegans meals.
Big section of vegan products and fermented food.
All sort of pickles (pickled cucumbers, beetroot and carrots), sauerkraut, kimchi and sauerkraut juice to take home.
Strictly no meat on the premises.
We are planning to open end of January or early February.



Back home we have Bulk Barn which is a fairly large franchise operation of bulk, usually dried foods. One of my favourite parts is the herb and spice selection. As in I can buy small amounts for specific recipes rather than buy a large bottle of which most will go unused and eventually thrown out.

That would be great too.


Good luck to Aga with the new venture. Sounds perfect.


Sounds like a brilliant venture, good luck.


This sounds fantastic. Can’t wait for it to open !


This sounds excellent! Reminds me of Trader Joe’s in the US…


This sounds great, can’t wait.


Sad for sugar mountain but super excited for its replacement. Yummmmm!!!


An excellent addition and even though I grow my own veg I will very much be visiting. I have been wanting a shop like this for ages - one that sells grains etc by the kilo. Everything else sounds like a bonus too.


Fantastic news, really look forward to this being in place.


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Ah, good suggestion but unfortunately I have shared a link on our social channels to the news (getting lots of RTs etc), and if I moved posts it might make it harder for people to navigate in. :confused:

Hopefully the new business owner will join the forum and start a new topic.


Fantastic. Hope there will be a lot of interesting fresh fruit and veg, including fresh herbs!