Superdrug (ex M&Co) [Now Open]



I agree. The Boots is tiny and poorly stocked.


I think Superdrug will be a good addition to FH High Street & help increase footfall - It could have been a lot worse & another chain could have taken on this unit that would take business away from independents.

I won’t deny I would prefer an independent business, but this would never happen with this unit in my opinion due to high rents & business rates.

I’m looking forward to it opening :slight_smile:


Is there any official confirmation of Superdrugs moving in there ? Did tweet them a while back and they said they would check but never got back.

Just hoping this isn’t all empty hope now.


Yes, see post above. They tweeted to confirm opening date of 29th September.


Aaah cheers for that, not sure how I missed it. Clock is ticking, but I guess shop fitters are quick as anything, gut, facia, and a couple of weeks of making pretty.

Some good news there then :slight_smile:


So heard on the grapevine today that Superdrug may not be opening after all. The thinking is that they are concerned about servicing and delivery arrangements, as theoretically delivery lorries shouldn’t be stopping on Havelock Walk (double red lines).

If Superdrug don’t take on the unit, any good ideas for a suitable replacement we should try to encourage (bearing in mind the limitations on delivery access etc)?


Would have thought that would all have been considered a long time ago, especially with the opening scheduled for 4 weeks time.
Guess we will have to wait and see


Grapevines are often wrong about these things. One of the main planning objections to Morrisons taking the site was deliveries. It would be surprising if, at this stage, Superdrug feel it would be too difficult for them as they should not require as many deliveries as a shop with fresh produce.

But if all options are on the table again then i think a high street clothing store would be great - perhaps Gap or Primark or M&Co. Let’s just hope something opens soon.


An antique market… thus confirming Forest Hill as a antique/retro centre for South London.


I agree, and if there were safety issues with deliveries etc that would be detrimental to residents on Havelock Walk & in general I would look to go against it in whatever way possible!

ETA Myself & @stefan74uk were the ones that set up the original petition to go against Morrisons for various reasons & FH Society stepped in & managed to stop it - for all the right reasons. I was banned from posting on that site at the time, so sadly Stefan had to take the flack from everyone without me being able to help out - but I think he done a fab job :+1:


I would still like a Superdrug because the Boots is useless.


It’s high time we had a Waitrose in FH… I need some new quotes to post to “Overheard in Waitrose” on Facebook.


They’re still advertising for positions on their website it looks like.

Although perhaps more telling is that it’s no longer linked to the main site. So might be an old page.


Iceland is where it is at these days. The store that is!


Just had superdrugs confirm via Twitter, it is opening 29th Sept


Cool. Hopefully the social media team are up to date!

I agree, and if there were safety issues with deliveries etc that would be detrimental to residents on Havelock Walk & in general I would look to go against it in whatever way possible!

HW have been in touch with Superdrug about the delivery issues in order to get an idea of volume etc, as it is obviously of some concern (particularly in relation to emergency access, pedestrian safety and so on). That’s where the cancelled opening rumour came from…


I guess local concern, and an actual issue between the retailer and the council / road management, are two different things.
Other retailers manage fine there, with deliveries etc. Hardly the first location on a busy road to get deliveries after all.

Guess its wait and see now. For it to open on the 29th, I am sure the work will start soon. In fact for a date to have ever been set, I would think most issues would have been considered and overcome.

I know someone who will be delighted for it to open!


I am glad the site is going to be used but I cannot get excited about it. I highly doubt I will ever use it but I hope it is a valuable addition to the street for others.


It’s one of those shops that creeps up on you lol. One good offer on toiletries and you are hooked… so I am told! lol


I have been known to go into a Boots or a Superdrug for some toothpaste and come out having spent £50 on other essential items I didn’t know I needed!