Superdrug (ex M&Co) [Now Open]



I think it is possible you may be female mate lol.

Seriously though, I have done the same. In fairness to SD they do have some cracking deals. Lets see how popular it will be.


I am a sucker for marketing, I have to say… you should see me in the fragrance section at duty free!!


Seriously… he is instore marketers dream client!

Let’s not fall into binary gender-specific roles, eh?


LMAO sorry, don’t want this thread ending up in Politicos


Yeah, you will be banning me from going in there


While Superdrug is mainly know for selling Boots type products, they also sell a small selection of household items like loo rolls, kitchen/bathroom spray etc which will make it an alternative to Sainsbury’s for some products.


Indeed. Their name is slightly misleading. Not long now!


Still no sign of life. Would be very surprised if they managed to open on 29th.


This time next week…

Maybe not eh!


There has been some work going on in the basement over the past week or so. Only tends to be one guy though, so I’m not really sure what’s going on. Certainly not full steam ahead!


I’m sure we can have a big opening party and post it on Twitter. Perhaps it might get a response from Superdrudgers.


Forest Hillers - keep your eyes peeled and don’t blink. A Guiness-World-Record-Breaking fit-out is about to happen: :astonished:


@snazy should tweet them his pictures and get them to check again.

Unless they are actually opening in another, super-secret FH location…


I think it is their prettiest store in the country. I’m sure they are very proud of the range of produce available.


I look forward to shopping on Friday :joy::joy:


Under the Stag and Bow?


Couldn’t resist a reply on twitter :rofl:


So good of Superdrug to let the fly posters stay up.


I have a friend who works in store fitouts who I showed the picture to.

He reckoned that a top-notch team could get it fitted out 2-3 days although apparently those pillars complicate things. He did point out though that you need at least one more day and preferably a few more to merchandise all the shelves - particularly for toiletries where there tend to be lots of single faces of small items.

September 29th 2018? :roll_eyes:


Maybe they’re going to get Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen and his crushed velvet in… that was always a pretty quick turn around even if it did mean slightly too many chandeliers…