Superdrug (ex M&Co)

Following on from the failed Morrison’s bid, M&Co looks set to become a Superdrug (if this planning application is anything to go by).

The application (granted) is pretty boring, and relates only to an illuminated shop sign at the front of the store.

I guess a suitable, albeit unexciting, use for the site. Wonder how badly Boots will suffer.

I hope this does not undermine Boots. That store was identified as a potential closure many years ago. Whilst it is relatively small it does help to anchor that part of the retail offer on Dartmouth Rd.

Does Superdrug have a pharmacy?

Some do

There were many reasons why Morrisons would not have been viable in that location and it was myself and @stefan74uk that set up the initial petition to go against this which was then followed up by FH Society on planning issues.

I would much rather see an independent rather than a chain move into this site, but that probably wouldn’t happen due to the size, business rates etc etc…

The proposed ground floor plan within the application doesn’t seem to include a pharmacy area, so perhaps not. Maybe Boots will be ok after all!

Could the Boots store be a sustainable business if it lost a big chunk of its normal retail profits to a larger, better located and better-stocked competitor only a stone’s throw away? Regrettably, I doubt it - but I really hope I’m wrong.

I have to admit that one and only time I was in the Boots I was sorely unimpressed.

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I always forget that Boots is there. In the 17 years we have lived in FH I think I’ve used it twice.

I agree and I was never impressed by that branch of Boots and preferred to use the independent offerings. If done well I think that a superdrug of that size could increase the footfall.

I also agree with the last few posts, I’ve went to buy things from Boots in the past and they have never had what I needed :frowning:

So if this becomes “Superdrug”
What if Home Accessories becomes say “TK Max” or “H & M” or anything similar.
Followed by The Capitol becoming a cinema
A bakery on D Rd
And a music School too

That would be awesome, but that’s me just hoping & wishing I think :slight_smile:


I think we should have a nail bar and a hair salon :laughing:

I still think a Foxton would be great, not only would we have a nice shiny office but the dry cleaners would make a fortune from cleaning the shiny suits. Pity the cobblers has gone as he would make a fortune from brown Polish.


The Boots in Dartmouth Road is the worst store I’ve ever been in. It only has a small selection of products, closes between 1-2pm etc.

Boots and Superdrug co-exist in Sydenham and Penge with no real issues.

Unlike Morrisons who wanted to make dramatic changes and would have been a major inconvenience with regards to deliveries, Superdrug will be a welcome addition.


Is this a done deal?
If so, any news on when it’s opening?

Is this a done deal?

Judging by the closing down sale signs at M&Co, looks like it.

Haven’t heard anything official re dates though.

So I assume Superdrug has been approved and that accounts for the very rapid closure and gutting of the unit? (Edit: yes I see from the original application link that it was indeed granted)

Work seems to be getting done very quickly on this, I wouldn’t be surprised if Superdrug opens in the next few weeks :slight_smile:

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Does anyone have an update on the vacancy?