The Clumsy Mole (Dec 2017 - Apr 2018)



Oh yay!!


I liked the new menu but it wasn’t as useful or flexible as the old one. Now just needs the old chairs & tables back*, I feel like I blundered into the last 10 mins of FlogIt in there lately.

*Minus the sticky surfaces


The French waitress in there is a star, and deserves a medal for charm, helpfulness and all round niceness.


Thanks Nick,

She has been a real asset to us.

She’s also in a band we’re looking at date for a live set.



First visit last night. Disappointed. My friend and I had the only table in there at one point (and when it wasn’t just us there wasn’t only one other table) but the guy serving was more interested in looking at his phone than looking up to check on us and cash consequently our plates were finished but sat on the table for 30 mins. Burger was average I’d say. Someone who seemed to perhaps be the owner called in and had a burger himself but that didn’t improve the service.


Did you say anything to the person serving you at the time?


No I didn’t, to be fair.


Went in last night to the Mole and had a really nice meal. Tapas menu is shorter than before but I thought the food was better - tastier and fresher. Service was good. A nice bottle of Rioja. Portion sizes perhaps a tad smaller than before before but still good value. Only complaint was that no Patatas Bravas on the menu!! (Sweet potato fries were good but not quite the same thing)


Hmm. Still not made it yet. Two questions.

  1. Is there air vegan (please, no felafe, literally the laziest option everl)
  2. Is it any warmer? No matter what time of year I went in to Donde, it was always fricking cold.
  3. (Sneaky question) are the seats more comfortable than the previous metal and wood offerings?

I want to support local business, but there has to be a reason for me to go there other than it being local.


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