The Deterioration of Bell Green Sainsbury’s


They have an excellent Diwali section right now:

I love a good Diwali Chorizo… dear oh dear!



Fairly common practise in Bell Green Sainsburys. Here’s a photo from last year from the Hallal section wishing everybody a happy passover. There is no kosher food there, they just like wishing Muslim customers happy Jewish festivals.
This pattern of behaviour is either pretty ignorant or trying so hard to be deliberately offensive to their customers.

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Thank heavens Aldi are hoping to open up nearby



My complaints about that store are different: badly stocked shelves, far too much packaging. I nearly filled my rubbish bin with all the packaging last week. Most of it unnecessary. When you can find staff they’re usually friendly and helpful.



I wish they would improve the toilets. I try not to use them if possible. This afternoon for example: one toilet broken, in the next toilet the loo roll holder was hanging off the wall, there was paper on the floor, floor was dirty. The rubbish bin is filthy and looks like it’s never been cleaned.



The Grauniad has a piece that describes the problem as being nationwide within Sainsburys and not just isolated to Bell Green.

Sainsbury’s has admitted staff cuts led to gaps on its shelves over the summer as it ran out of stock, but the supermarket’s boss has promised stores are now back to normal.

Not sure I see evidence of the normality that the CEO alludes to.



I read that article too.

It’s a bit silly really - Sainsbury’s sacked ‘thousands’ of managers, then found it couldn’t, er, manage.

I’m not sure if that’s supposed to be an appology or a cry for help! I am sure it greatly reduced staff costs and makes the merger/acquisition easier - if it is allowed to go through.



Something i’ve noticed recently is that Sainsbury’s cashpoints don’t give accurate bank balances. I don’t know if theres a difference based on how much you’ve got in your account, but I checked my online account before taking money out of the wall at Sainsbury’s and they [Sainsbury’s] reckon I had £50 more than I have in my account.



I’m not sure if it’s relevant, but the amount displayed may be either a balance or money available, which may include an amount greater than the balance that your bank will let you go overdrawn by.

If it’s clearly labelled balance online and on the machine then that is strange.



I visited Bell Green last Friday & thought it had greatly improved, or is it because I haven’t been for a while :sweat_smile:



Probably warrants a split topic, but I’ve been having major (first world) grief at the FH Sainsburys lately. The vegetable section chronically has useful produce missing… loose veg like mushrooms, potatoes, aubergines etc. Bananas either raw or knackered. I managed to accidentally pick up a rotten onion after fishing in the crates for something of a reasonable size.

There are a few lovely members of staff there, but there are some contrasting personalities there who just aren’t interested in helping. I even had my builder manage to pick up a DPD parcel from their kiosk… without showing any ID.

I’ve lived here for 5 years and can’t remember it being so hit and miss. Maybe this is a general problem affecting all of Sainsburys’ stores. My ex worked at another branch for a year or so and said that the management generally is pretty demoralising.



Yes, I’ve noticed this too. Produce and cheese departments now sporadic in what they contain. Worrying, as there aren’t a lot of other options.



I agree with you. I worked there as a student more than 15 years ago for 10 years, when I then became a manager before moving on. Now when you ask some staff where things are, they just say they don’t know. They always run out of essentials and regularly stop stocking items. It’s also so easy to see when they put up their prices. The phone at customer services often rings off the hook, and there’s 3 or 4 staff stood together just chatting daily as well. The managers seem oblivious, stacking shelves when they’d be better placed supervising staff. I’ve had to get a manager to open up more tills before. Despite this there are some lovely, helpful and loyal staff who still work there from when I did, and the store would be worse off without them. I do hope it improves though as with bell green also being hit and miss, plus the problems I’ve had with home delivery, it’s a wonder I still use Sainsbury’s, but I do because it’s convenient for me.

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I strongly agree with your concerns. There have been numerous problems of late at Sainsbury’s FH. The fresh fruit and veg is chronically under stocked and the cash point is frequently broken, I may have been unlucky the other day but the store didn’t feel clean. Some fridges appeared to be leaking and there were large black marks on the floor throughout with seemingly no attempts to clean it. In certain parts my shoes were actually sticking to it.

It may be controversial but I wouldn’t mind another Aldi which I could walk to. The new one at Bell Green is a bit far with bags of shopping.

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I noticed a curious little section of BBQ lighters and accessories down at the front near the large self serve tills today.

I’m not sure why they decided to put that out given the recent snow and all…



Stock up while you can - before the end of March. It might be the only way to roast the acorns you find in the woods.



Surely you mean the Forest :wink:



Today I spotted they are promoting devices to scan while you shop “to save time at checkouts”. No doubt this will mean even fewer checkouts and more people struggling with uncooperative/temperamental slef check outs.

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Hi @Billie. We have a topic discussing this here: SmartShop coming to Bell Green Sainsbury's on 20th Feb