Topic date/times an hour out? [Resolved]

Continuing the discussion from Book club - April:

Thanks for letting me know, Sarah.

For me, the time in email is showing as 7:30pm (which is correct) - but in the Edinburgh timezone, which is wrong but going to be fixed by the developer soon:

How did it appear in your email, please?

I meant the time in thread title in the app not email, sorry wasn’t clearer. Hopefully screenshot showing correctly

Thanks @SGC. That’s concerning and I’ll investigate.

Are others seeing similarly wrong times?

For me it shows as:

I’ll make sure this is sorted ASAP so everyone sees the correct time.

Sarah, by any chance, is your phone set to a non-UK timezone?

Have checked my settings. If checked in correct place it stated automatic time zone and date setting. Did consider possibility. If it is just me with issue then clearly must be my phone. Will dig deeper. Tks for looking into it. Will just have to remember when planning to go to events.

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I have also raised this with the developer and I’m sure he (or I) will be able to come up with a proper solution for this issue.

A fix is needed here. All times should show in London timezone regardless of device timezone settings.

Thanks for helping me diagnose the problem :+1:

My MiL had this issue with her phone and I had to uncheck the auto setting and then reapply it to get it to the correct time but it may be unrelated to this…

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Just tried but afraid it didn’t work :pensive:

Hi Sarah. The developer has made some changes to the way timezones work, and this may well fix the problem you experienced with times being an hour out. Could you check and let me know please?

Yes it looks good to me now! Whatever you changed it worked. Shall now always be on time. Tks

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