Tree Cut in Garden

It broke my heart today to see a few trees in garden being cut down.
I have lived here for years the trees have been established here longer then me.
I cried I get people don’t won’t to have this in garden for a few minor reasons. But they have a history maybe a right perhaps? Sad how people moved in 5 mins just make it disappear in 5 mins and the birds that visited have sadly moved on. A place that could of been a home. To see lots of Parakeets used to flock there every so often the joy.
Yes…A few long time neighbours felt how I felt even asking surely your not gonna completely get rid of it? No response just kept cutting. The look has changed and the magic and beauty of this maybe forever!!
The happinesses this brought to not just me others has well. To look out of window everyday made me smile no matter what the weather be like it was worth it. Sad to share this but sometimes important to express?


Didn’t want to read and run @HopSE-80. That’s very sad, and I really feel for you. We bought our flat because of the views of lovely mature trees at the front and back, and I’d be distraught if people cut these down.


Not knowing the full story but there may have been a good reason why they cut the trees down. I had a beautiful acer in my garden which I had chopped down. My neighbours asked why as they too loved the view. But it was dead and beyond saving. I need another tree cut down, the reason this time is it’s blocking the light plus it’s growing too close to another tree (which I would rather save). So everyone has a reasoning perhaps not to your, or in my case, my neighbour’s liking.

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If the trees were in a Conservation Area, they would have needed planning permission, even if in a private garden. That’s the theory anyway! But this is Lewisham. Lewisham approved the felling of 19 mature and maturing trees on the Sydenham Hill Estate and many, many more on other developments.

Hopefully your neighbours did at least leave some stumps and wood for any stag beetles and other wildlife.

We’re also losing loads of street trees because of telecomms companies.

And then we have things like this


There are lots of tree preservation orders on/around Wood Vale - enough to make it tricky to be allowed to pollard on instruction from insurance company. However, I have to say that Southwark Council were great when we had someone illegally clearing some land at the back behind the houses where it wasn’t clear which had preservation orders and which didn’t. Our local councillers came round to visit those of us impacted, organised a public meeting and slapped an emergency order on virtually every tree in the postcode until it got sorted.


i feel you.
a neighbour cut down a tree in their back garden because of their solar panels and I’m so sad
i used to get great joy watching the birds sitting in the tree or coming and going.
I’m both angry and sad tbh.
one of the things i loved about living here was hearing and seeing the birds out my window.
sadly no more.

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I appreciate that trees are important but sometimes they become too big for the space and as a responsible property owner you have to be responsible for the safety of the people and property around you. I had an ash tree removed last autumn after going through the correct process with Lewisham
Council. My immediate neighbours were consulted as part of that process. The ash tree was far too large for the plot and was posing a threat to all the properties around, particularly as it was a multi steam tree, which was becoming unstable.

When the tree surgeons arrived to do the work, they told me it also had ash die-back.

I know people have strong feelings about trees and the bird life they bring. I was sad to take down a tree and I didn’t do it lightly but ultimately it wasn’t responsible to leave it when it could have fallen through someone’s roof or on someone’s head.


Hi, I sympathise with your loss. I’m in Inverness, Scottish Highlands. My neighbourhood (500 of us) are currently trying to overturn our local authorities proposed destruction of mature tree grove (3 of which are 200yrs old oak) which provides shelter and sustenance to many bird species, red squirrel, bats and irreplaceable bio diversity.
To build a bus lane!!!
This is also directly adjacent to pensioner bungalows, home to folk who have disability restricting their movement and currently appreciate and value enjoying the wildlife.
If anyone can support us we would appreciate and be grateful to you.


Do you have a link for that?

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A link to a page explaining how people can support you - or find out more about it.

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Oh, I see, we haven’t done that, can I get back to you? Our Community Campaign Group will be meeting early next week and will look into it.
What a good idea… Thankyou


We had a berry prunus tree in our garden, it was beautiful in bloom, but what we did it know was that the roots just keep growing, & they are like tree trunks! It was ruining the grass & would have reached the patio. We used Foxy tree services to cut it down & he confirmed that is the case.
Our neighbour however in the adjoining garden at the back of us, has a tree that he has constantly just hacked at with what looks like a scythe. The poor tree is ruined, & we don’t know why he doesn’t do the decent thing & have it removed.

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Hi Denise I really wish you well with this. I realize the system in Scotland might be different, but do you have local councillors who could intervene? We have a long-running campaign on something similar, which has led to a Judicial Review. There’s a thread on here about it under “Mais House” I’ll try to link to it. We have a Crowd Justice fundraiser, a (new) website and are tweeting. It’s been a steep learning curve! Happy to talk via private message if it helps.
Mais House - Crowd Justice Appeal Launched
Proposed Development of Mais House

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Many thanks for your support.
We have the support of a couple of Councillors… the only ones who responded to emails sent to all.
Is there awareness of (see attached) in your neighbourhood.?
Best wishes


Sorry, I’m pretty useless with tech. Link is national campaign group being set up so local community campaign groups can map issues and other support to be discussed via zoom meeting tonight

Best way I can think of to share