Two Spoons



Hi lovely people of,

We would love to invite you to our new cosy coffee shop by day and even cosier cocktail bar by evening called Two Spoons (formerly known as Hop Scotch).

We feel extremely passionate about our community bringing you only the very best of our SE community. This is why we partnered up with Peckham’s delicious “Butchers Block” to bring you fresh meats, Peckham’s “Eastern Block” to bring you Eastern European pop-up kitchen (Every Friday & Saturday 6pm-10pm), Brockley’s “Coopers Bake House” to bring you fresh bread and we are also collaborating with local bakers to bring you fantastic selection of cakes.

In the evening (from 6pm) we turn into a cocktail bar whilst still retaining the same idea that we have in the day. The idea is simply to bring you something new and delicious. We have a wide selection of craft and classic gins, from distilleries as close as Peckham and as far as the US. We have carefully crafted different serves for you to try and perhaps discover a combination that you’ve never had before. If you not a big fan of gin, don’t worry! We also offer a lovely selection of wines, craft beers and cocktails. On top of our drinks you can try our in-house fusion kitchen.

Hope to see you soon!

Two Spoons Luca & Rosie

P.S. For bookings please call 0208699 8998 or email

Help us choose a venue for the February meetup

Good luck - will pop in to try it out at some point soon


I don’t think they are actually open yet. At least were not this lunchtime. @TwoSpoons ?


Great stuff Luca and Rosie - can’t wait to try this. Think it might be right up @Liz_Hall’s street too!

For those wondering about the location:

I have submitted an update to Google Maps to get the name changed from “Hopscotch” to “Two Spoons” on their site.


Can’t let @ChrisBeach have all the fun, so I’ve updated openstreetmap.


OMG Im so excited!


Thank you everyone for the support!

We’ll be open tomorrow however we’re not sure about the time yet, we just putting the last finishing touches. We’ll definitely be open in the evening as the food pop up is on. :slight_smile:


Just been in for a quick drink - refurb is beautiful, what a great job. The loo redesign also a huge improvement. Bravo guys!


Good luck with your new venture, I wish you all the best of luck :+1::+1:


Two Spoons is on the map!


Thank you! Very glad you like the refurb! :slight_smile:


Congratulations @TwoSpoons! Ibe seen first-hand how passionate you are & excited to have you new & improved. Will be in soon :kissing_heart:


Left a little underwhelmed by the refurb, but enjoyed the improved customer service and always great coffee. Dare I suggest you think about changing the (in my opinion) rather poor artwork?


Hello Jerry,

thank you for the feedback and suggestion! :slight_smile:
I’m glad you enjoyed the improved customer service and the coffee. Reg the artwork, It comes from a local person however we’ll likely change it in a couple of months.


Really glad to see the place nice and busy when I popped in last weekend for a coffee and cake. Carrot cake was ideal - moist and citrusy. Personally found the coffee to be disappointing though; milky and nothing like the flat white I’d ordered.

Will try again though as hoping it was a one off! :slight_smile:


Agree! artwork in there is terrible!


it seems like we are not very good at choosing artwork! :smile: :smile:

We’ll have a look for something different. :slight_smile:


I saw this earlier and had not realised that FH was awash with art critics. I would obviously be interested if eating at an art gallery but a pub, meh, not so much.


Artwork aside, @TwoSpoons has a fantastic gin selection and offers an exclusive Gin Club members discount.


As an art historian by training I’m intrigued at just how ‘bad’ this art can be. St David often have some very idiosyncratic art, but I’ve not seen any complaints.

It’s a coffee shop, not an art gallery. Drop your eyes and drink your coffee! :wink: