Two Spoons



Yes, this is very much in the ‘nice to have’ category. While the artwork is not to my taste either, it doesn’t put me off going there. In fact, there is a café in Dulwich which has had much worse art on the walls but this does not seem to have harmed their business at all.


Having heard some members thoughts on architecture and art I would think this bodes well for the choices made by @twospoons.


I bet all this talk about @TwoSpoons’s artwork is making a few locals curious too. Hopefully will bring more customers to them.


All this talk of bad art makes me want to go visit but really it’s just an excuse for me and OH to go and drink gin. Good art - bad art … whatever. Good beer and gin however and I am in.


Yes, well at the end of the day, if it makes you talk about it, with gin in hand or not, it is art. :wink:


You cant keep everyone happy in life :slight_smile:


How about asking the gallery down the road if they have anything they might consider displaying in Two Spoons, still for sale of course!


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Great turnout for @FHGinClub at @TwoSpoons this eve!


Great pictures Chris! Which gin was your favourite?


Cheers for putting on a good evening! Death’s Door was my personal favourite (I like aniseed flavours).


Your cheers should go to @TwoSpoons. We mostly just turned up.


We’re really enjoyed the event! Thank you for coming :slight_smile:


Couldn’t resist popping in tonight for a quick beer in the sunshine on the way home from work. Staff were lovely and the beer (Beavertown Neck Oil on tap) was excellent. One obviously turned in to two, a lovely journey home…


Nice article about Luca, the co-owner of @TwoSpoons:

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