Updates from your local Safer Neighbourhood Team - Winter 2018



We’ve been v busy this week.

Many of you will have seen this on our twitter feed @MPSPerryVale inc details of our drugs warrant on Stanstead Rd…

I’ll update more this weekend…!



Great work!


This week my team has: conducted visible patrols on the 3 wards, executed a drugs warrant leading to 7 arrests for Class A&B drugs supply & money laundering, recovered a stolen motorbike, visited local youth groups & churches, continued to investigate a number of local crimes, conducted arrest enquiries for suspects for the crimes and for others wanted on warrant, liaised with @LewishamCouncil and housing providers about ASB issues, completed urgent case papers for trials, sent drugs to the lab, arranged phone downloads, met with @elliereeves and ‘walked the Met’, ditto with @MartinHewittMPS , assisted @MPSSpecials officers with an arrest… oh and been out on patrol on the 3 wards (did I mention that?)
Thanks to them from me AND thanks for the community support we know we have! #SgtBiddle


Oh… almost forgot…

And still found time to respond to questions about lack of policing cover on the wards by @PoliticsPos1

Not bad for a team 2 PCs & 1 PCSO per ward!



And PCGillian even managed to sneak a quick arrest in yesterday of someone wanted for various offences and who was being recalled to prison!



So a busy day yesterday: 2 x people charged with possession of drugs following our warrant in Manor Mount on the 24th November. Both to court on the 2nd Jan 18.

Lots of foot patrol in both Forest Hill & Perry Vale.

One arrest (by me) of a beggar in London Road. The chap has previously been issued with a Community Protection Notice banning him from begging in Perry Vale. Obviously he thought he could move to Forest Hill…

He’s also been warned not to beg on numerous occasions. He is also NOT homeless and has access to free food.

I was approached by a few concerned citizens asking why I’d arrested a beggar. I told them that it’s a Perry Vale Ward priority and did point out that the chap had actually been warned on numerous occasions to stop.

I know it’s not the biggest crime in the world but there does come a time for enforcement.



I was out today with Lewisham Police SNT Inspector, James Yaxley. We had a good walk around the tri Ward area (Crofton Park, Perry Vale and Forest Hill) meeting some interesting folk en route.

PCMick, PCRichard, PCSOAmie and PCSOAndrea were out too. Andrea in Perry Vale with Richard - Amie and Mick in Forest Hill.

We’re back in tomorrow- more updates then!



Thank you. Noted… SgtBiddle


Another busy day. PC Mick & PC Sam have interviewed a young chap for criminal damage offences. The chap has admitted all four. Report to Youth Offending Team…

PC Kate and PC Richard have arrested a man for being wanted for assault and breach of a court order.
He will be going to court tomorrow.



Great stuff. If the criminal damage youth is one of the gang of four or five graffiti lads patrolling the area so much the better.


Was lovely to see you & Jim a few evenings ago :slight_smile:

You, your teams presence, and vigilance are always very much appreciated @SgtBiddle

Nice pic Amie & Mick :ok_hand:


Colleagues from @MPSLewisham will be at work throughout the Christmas period…

I’m in on Christmas Eve with PCMick & PCSOAndrea - we’ll be at St George’s in the morning - then I’m off to Blackheath to manage their Christmas parade.

For NYE I’ll be back during the day. PCGillian, PCKate and PCRob are on for Night Duty keeping Lewisham safe…

Happy Christmas Se23.life !

SgtBiddle :santa:


PCSOAndrea and I went to St George’s this morning. Got to meet lots of lovely Forest Hill and Perry Vale residents!

Happy Christmas!



Happy Christmas to you too!
(and thank you)


‪My team and I wish all the good folk of #ForestHill #PerryVale & #CroftonPark a very calm & #HappyChristmas. ‬

‪To all those colleagues working today - thank you! ‬

‪#SgtBiddle :christmas_tree::santa::christmas_tree:


A very Merry Christmas to @SgtBiddle and all the team. Thank you for everything you do to keep us safe and bring our community together.


Merry Christmas Jon @SgtBiddle

We’ve not stopped dancing our feet off after Christmas dinner tonight, will need to check my dining table in morn :hugs::hugs:

Here’s some music, we are loving music & dancing this evening.

Marry Christmas all, and hope all are having fun :slight_smile:



Dear Se23.life…

I’ve been out today with PCSOAndrea in Forest Hill and Perry Vale speaking to two residents of the Cannonby Road area who have been unfortunate victims of burglary over the past few days.
Entry to both premises was via a rear door or window.
In one case tools from a shed were used to smash the patio door glass.

I would ask that you check your gardens security and think about outside lighting etc.

I also visited the Church Vale flats where we’ve had complaints of drug taking and general ASB by youths in the stairwell. I’ve tasked my team to visit the block as often as possible when on duty as this behaviour is really impacting on local residents there.

Back tomorrow for more!


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We were out earlier patrolling the flats in Church Rise looking for any evidence of ASB including street drinking and drug taking - as promised to residents.

Some old reefer butts but nothing recent. Please let me know if you witness any as I’m aware of the impact on local residents.



Thank you Sergeant Biddle, it does seem to have been quiet the last few days, the last time we saw anybody was at 11.45 pm on Saturday night, 30-12-17. They were again sitting in the stairwell between the 2nd and 3rd floor.