Updates from your local Safer Neighbourhood Team - Winter 2018



Hi. Some of my team are in late this Friday and Saturday so they will be out patrolling in the evening - specifically looking to deter ASB in Perry Vale and Forest Hill.



A busy day. Lots of foot patrol. Investigations continue at pace.


Great. It’s good to know we have a police presence in the area. Thanks for your updates and presence.


Since 31/12/2017 Perry Vale has had an attempted burglary on Woolstone and 2 burglaries with access from the rear, one 1st floor entry on Garlies and Kilmorie yesterday a smashed kitchen window. Anything you think suspicious please ring police.Be vigilant. #PCSO Andrea


Suspicious activity on Lowther Hill too - two men loitering outside the house gesturing to the side access of our house - thankfully our upstairs neighbour saw and disturbed them. Seems to be a lot of it about at the moment. Do you patrol Crofton Park ward too?


Hi, yes we do.

My three wards are Crofton Park, Forest Hill & Perry Vale.

PC Kate PC Rob and PCSO Aaron cover Crofton Park.

Please see https://www.met.police.uk/your-area/lewisham/crofton-park/ for contact details… SgtBiddle


Crofton Park Ward? Join us at one of our forthcoming Contact Points…



Thank you very much!

You have our full support, residents on Bampton Estate are also watching…


Dear all,

Sorry for not posting for a few days. I’ve been away on a Public Order course (lots of bricks and petrol bombs - so nothing like SE23 thank goodness!!).

A brief update. From the team today. PC Mick and others attended an address earlier and arrested a suspect for a shoplifting offence from a shop in Forest Hill. The suspect has been interviewed and enqs continue.

Patrols have taken place across the wards… we have suffered from a number of burglaries in the past weeks in perry Vale where entry has been gained via a rear window. Please take time this weekend to check your homes security!

My team and I will continue to work as hard as we can to keep the wards of Forest Hill, Perry Vale and Crofton Park as safe as possible!

Best wishes,




We executed a dangerous dogs act warrant yesterday.

Two dogs seized so enqs can continue.
And we also managed to arrest a man who’s been wanted for theft for some time at the same address!
A second chap jumped over the back garden wall when we knocked (we were round the back too!) for absolutely no reason other than he always does that when police knock! :joy:
He was met by two of my officers and a large hairy police dog! :dog2:

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Thanks for all the updates @SgtBiddle it’s very much appreciated.

At approx 445pm today I had someone throw a stone at our front door on Treviso Road which has shattered one of the windows. Most likely kids - and neighbours have said there are a group from Forest Hill Boys that have been lurking about - but is it worth reporting? If so who would be the best person to call? 501? Thanks


Hi Dan. Yes. Well worth reporting. Please call 101.



Thanks! Will give them a call.


:star: NEW :star: Perry Vale Ward Panel Priorities (set 16/01/18):

:point_right: Burglary crime prevention

:point_right: Begging offences

:point_right: Flytipping offences


From the @MPSLewisham twitter feed last night… ‘Thanks to @NPAShq and dog unit for assisting #ERTA officers in arresting a male for going equipped to steal this evening. He was found in back gardens in Sunderland Road,SE23 and tried to run from officers. Luckily we were too fast for him!. #anotherburglaroffthestreets

Great work keeping SE23 safe!


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I’m intrigued who are on these ward panels and how they are selected? Is it a panel of elected local councillors meeting with the local police team or are there members of the public on the panel? Is the meeting where these priorities set publicised, who can attend and how are these decisions made.



Anyone can be on the Ward Panel - as long as they live or work on the ward and are able to represent the views of a group of residents or traders etc… (eg we have Neighbourhood Watch reps, Shop Keepers, Residents Association reps, and are always open to local young people joining).

If you would like to join please let us know via email. John.biddle@met.pnn.police.uk




Another busy day for the team. Lots happening. Again a few burglaries in SE23. We are redoubling our efforts to prevent them and catch the culprits.

Be vigilant SE23!!



Yesterday in SE23 we conducted a number of arrest enquiries for wanted offenders.

We then responded to a call from care home staff to a resident armed with a knife having a Mental Health Crisis.
The patient was disarmed and has been safely taken by us to a Place of Safety for treatment under the Mental Health Act.
MH crisis isn’t something that we normally deal with as SNT Officers - although we do have good links with our care homes throughout the 3 SE23 wards as Response Team usually deal but I give this as an example of some of th variety of incidents my team come across.

On our way back we found one of our beggars outside the Co Op in Waldram Park. He’s been issued with a Community Protection Notice in the past and as he was in breach of it he was told he would be prosecuted by PCRichard. FYI the beggar is NOT homeless has been offered help and has access to free food etc.



SgtBiddle PCMick PCRichard



We had reports of suspicious people in the Kilmorie Rd & Woolstone Rd area yesterday. Please be vigilant and report anyone who seems out of place.
Burglars have targeted rear windows of premises with another attempt y/day afternoon.