Vandalism of French Bistro


You guys better head down to the next @FHGinClub this Friday, I think you’ll like it :joy::joy::joy:


We are nearly fully booked now so may end up being standing room only.


Wish I could but defo up for the next one!


I love this forum, in just one week I have learned of le petite bouche ( wounded but soon to recover I hope) and now the FHgin club ( which appears to be alive and well and so far un-vandalised). Perhaps we could all co-incide a meet up when the gin club next convenes - how good would that be !


I think a Rum Club would also be splendid!


I agree with the sentiments expressed by Anotherjohn that, unless there is strong evidence that the vandalism is the work of a competitor, this could be a disgraceful act on the part of mindless thugs - not of course that that would be any consolation.
To take it one step further, and this is no way meant to detract from the well earned and thoroughly deserved award, the accusation that this vandalism could be the act of a competitor could possibly cause competitors some upset, particularly as there were relatively few nominations for that area and in that category.


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Hey @admins. How do we get this link up on the Facebook page?


I’ve just authorised it, should be there now.


Star! Thanks so much @RachaelDunlop


That is awesome news. @AllInnOne are superstars!


I’ve lived here for years and never been to the All Inn One. I have no idea why really.

What’s it like? Doesn’t give too much away on their site?


To my mind, it’s the best pub in Forest Hill. I called there some years ago because it was on my route home and I had seen favourable mentions on another forum.

RI chard and Julia, the owners, bought the pub from their pubco many years ago. Both are qualified caterers, Richard a qualified chef, who does the cooking.

Their Sunday roasts are secondto none. Essential to book. Completely unpretentious , lovely people as witness to their offer to help la petite bouchee.

Disabled and family friendly, lovely atmosphere,
many regulars. Excellent, highly competitively priced - certainly no trying to get away with City prices here- food and drink.

They also have luxurious newly refurbished accommodation.

I have no commercial links with All Inn One, to be clear, but like so many others whom I have met in the pub, have become a loyal regular due to the friendliness of Richard and Julia, the first class service and of course their excellent food.

If you haven’t heard of the pub or been there, it must be a very closely guarded secret!


I second @topofthehill. Richard and Julia were amazingly friendly and accommodating for our July Meetup.


Big heads up for all in one , best run place in forest hill!


It’s got an outdoor play area for kids. In summer, it’s by far the best pub in the whole of Forest Hill for this reason alone.


And also has another two outdoor areas for adults!


Along with the Chandos it has the friendliest staff around.


Damn - I’ve been missing out. I’ll be up there for a pint this week.


Hi John,

Thanks so much for your very lovely message, I will make a note of your friend and come back to you when the weather is a wee bit kinder. We will need to replace the floor because of the oil and vinegar eating into the wood. Also one wing mirror was snapped off and the arial. She’s a 1971 vintage.

In regards to the former part of your message. There is much evidence to point towards the attacks being deliberate, we are unable to go into specific details. We have been interviewed by the police several times given the magnitude of the second attack and I can assure you that neither Caroline or myself have ever suggested that it be a competitor or any other local business. No other business in this community or surrounding communities would do this. Everyone has been completely supportive to us and we’ll never be able to thank everyone of them for their beautiful words, kindness and generosity of spirit.

We are at peace with what has happened now and focussing on our very bright future. Sometimes things happen for a reason. We always try to see the positives in everything.

Happy and healthy New Year to you and your family

Kindest regards

Anita-Clare and Caroline