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Sounds like a solid approach @anon5422159 Some sort of openness of who people are, rather than being a username with no back story.

good idea - set up an “IRL” badge for those the admins have met ‘In Real Life’ - good excuse for get-togethers too!



Genuinely sounds like a really good idea to me. Might actually get me out a bit more. Imagine that.

I have created a “verified” badge and applied it to @Pauline (because I’ve met her in real life), @Liz_Hall (my fiancé) and @anon64893700 (because Pauline knows him IRL, and knows it’s his account). The full list is here:

If you click on a user’s avatar, you’ll see the tick:

I’ll add everyone I meet in real life. All welcome tomorrow night at 7:30pm (The Hill)

I can vouch for Rob @thirstforwine he’s one of my customers :slight_smile:


thanks @Pauline (always nice to pop in for a treat) - but I hope to meet @anon5422159 soon in any case and earn my ‘tick’ the (new) old-fashioned way

Awww shucks lol.
Seriously though, great idea, I can vouch for thirstforwine (Rob) as a real and genuine human being.

Hopefully I can make the meeting.

Excellent. I’ve verified @thirstforwine.

When we meet tomorrow we can look at the moderation features together and I can grant a few more privileges so you guys can take more leadership of the community if you’re willing.

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@Pauline should be able to verify me as a customer, although I really need to come back to her shop!

I can verify martin and you all know me!


You must be that big green M I see walking around London Road! Welcome! :wink:


I’m checking the email address associated with @Michael’s account with @Pauline to make sure this is the genuine Big M.

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When you have done that perhaps you could verify me with the big M (@Michael) :slight_smile:


Verified users can also choose to display “verified” against their name. It’s the following setting in user preferences:

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