What else do Forest Hill and Honor Oak need? [2017]

Continuing @starman’s popular conversation from 2016, we had plenty of suggestions for new shops in the area (summarised in the poll below)

Vote for the ones that would get your business (you can vote for more than one option), and feel free to reply with new suggestions.

  • Asian supermarket like that fabulous new one near Catford Bridge
  • Bakery
  • Bookshop
  • Bric-a-brac / antiques
  • Cool Menswear shop catering to older people like me (@starman). No millenials!
  • DIY store, the type with everything you’ll ever need on old shelves behind the counter
  • Dirty Burger
  • French patisserie with space to sit and have a tea
  • Fishmonger
  • Greengrocers focussing on seasonal fruit and veg alongside daily staples
  • H&M
  • Independent Korean-oriented chicken place like Chicken Liquor
  • Institute of contemporary music
  • Nandos
  • Non-Christian place of worship (mosque, synagogue, gurdwara, temple?)
  • Men’s barber
  • Music / dance / events venue
  • Sushi
  • Vietnamese
  • Other (reply below)
  • None of these ideas appeal

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We got lucky with a few of these ideas - 2016 delivered some great new shops.

I wonder whether some of the mini marts on HOP high street, who are now competing with Sainsburys, would consider converting into specialised Asian/Indian supermarkets (given how popular this option is in the poll)?

If they provided the ingredients, recipes and maybe some home made made pastes/sauces I think it would be a big success


Surprised that “a working cinema” isn’t one option…


I think this should be added for peeps to share responses.

@anon5422159 can you add this to the poll mate :+1:

Once a poll has been started it can’t be edited I’m afraid (the forum software prevents it) - this is deliberate, as poll options added later would be visible for less time than other options, making poll results inaccurate.

We can, of course, re-run polls at regular intervals, with all options from previous polls, plus any suggested in the replies.

And in the meantime let’s use “likes” to show how popular the suggestions in the replies are.

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To be clear to people who say ‘Why is there no…?’ it’s because this is the list of suggestions made on a similar thread last year that got so long we decided to start another for 2017. Add to the wish list by commenting on the thread.

@anon5422159 - can people vote for more than one thing?

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Yes they can. Have clarified this in the original post.

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Why is there no Waitrose or Aldi?

While that list may have been relevant in 2016, in 2017 we have a fishmonger/greengrocer, and Vietnamese restaurant. And it is pretty clear that some of the options with no votes are worth removing from the 2017 list.

I don’t think 2017 will be an easy year for new start ups on the high street, but we have seen success after success and I think that 2017 is the year of the bakery/patisserie (or at least it should be!).


Yes I did ponder excluding these. But in 2016 we had several men’s barbers on the high street, yet it got requested anyway (perhaps for want of a choice of barbers?)

I’d love to see a choice of Vietnamese food. We have Vietnamese baguettes in 2017, but what about a more formal restaurant too?

That list is just a way of letting people know what was suggested in 2016 on the old thread that had got really long. It saves people scrolling through a very long thread. Aldi and Waitrose aren’t on that list because they weren’t suggested on that original thread.

I agree it’s confusing to include businesses that have opened on a poll asking what people would like to see. I don’t think it can be edited now, though.

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It was also supposed to be a bit of fun and as such should be treated as fun.


No millenials!

In 2017, Millennials will be up to 37 years of age, so I suggest that we already have shops in Forest Hill to cater for the older generational group: charity shops.

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Twice in the last week I’ve had to pick up a undelivered package from the Royal Mail office at the back of FH Industrial Estate. Then continue onto the shops on Dartmouth Road. So…

Can we get a handy pedestrian bridge to connect the FH Industrial Estate and Bird in Hand Passage? Please?


Actually in all seriousness a railway crossing that is accessible to wheelchairs, mothers with prams etc. really is a big need I think. The pedestrian route along the south circular is both rather inconvenient and also not particularly safe for wheelchair users and people with small children.


A footbridge from Perry Vale over the railway is something that has been discussed often on local forums over the years and I believe FHSoc have and continue to keep it on their ‘wish list’. I assume it’s quite a big project though. If I remember correctly, some of the land that would be requisitioned belongs to Network Rail. When the refurbishment around Sydenham Station was done I heard there were all sorts of problems with getting Newwork Rail to sign off on things in a timely fashion. It took months just to get the public toilet reinstated.

Meanwhile, has the German Bridge had its promised refurbishment yet? The last time I used it, iit didn’t feel safe at all.


According to this we need more cafes and better shops!

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Any article that describes ED as ‘über-cool’ is highly suspect in my opinion. Five years ago, maybe.


Oi, I will have you know that as someone over the age of 37 I have grasped the digital age with both hands and order a lovely array of grey slippers and warm coats from The Telegraph Magazine online! :grin:


But you should see the view from Canonbury Road…
Personally I think Canonbie Rise is better.


East Dulwich has never been Uber cool even 5+ years ago, theses estate agent driven articles always make me chuckle :stuck_out_tongue: