What else do Forest Hill and Honor Oak need?


Michael, where is Canonbie Rise ?


A French type patisserie would be top of my list


A proper Japanese Kaiten (conveyor belt) restaurant. I promise I will go there every night. :heart_eyes:


Just a reminder to everybody that this is the new name for Canonbie Road, otherwise i might look particularly silly.
Or should i use the excuse that i was just testing?
Which is more credible?


An AUTHENTIC American Diner!

And I know just the place if anyone wants to do it :slight_smile:

Not just run of the mill, but original recipes.

Would cost a lot for a chef, but I think it would rake it in & have peeps coming from all over if it was done properly.

And would probably benefit all other local businesses too.

If I had a spare 50+k I would definitely sink it into this, Oh well a girl can dream :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I still want a proper greengrocers with more than just basic fruit and veg, with a wide range of fresh produce and fresh herbs. Left one behind in north London and still missing it.


Ditto that, I loved my local international grocer shop in archway, the nearest I’ve seen around here is in Sydenham


Otto correct, huh?



I think Honor Oak could do with its own thread. Or rather perhaps this should be about Forest Hill as most of it is.

Also, @ChrisBeach, tried to reply to this last week but was unable to do so on ipad (ios 10.2). The “quote” function seems to be broken. As is the automatic refresh I think. Please don’t look at this until your return though.

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Waters Fishmonger is heading that way and there is also the farmers’ market at Horniman every Saturday. And although I remember a time when there were three greengrocers in Forest Hill, I don’t think there is enough demand for three independent greengrocers today.

However, I think that a ‘local international grocer shop’ would be great in Forest Hill - and I would put it right where Paddy Power is :slight_smile:


Appletree, myself & Zoe from @TheArchieParker run FH Food Assembly.

You can have a look at our producers here https://thefoodassembly.com/en/assemblies/49


That’s a good idea. In fact this topic (and its predecessor) have both been lively, so definite worth running the next surveys separately for Honor Oak and Forest Hill. I’m thinking of re-running them every quarter to include new suggestions in the polls and create a fresh conversation.


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After a couple of recent visits, a better operating Post Office. It is filthy, confusing as to what window does what task, and takes frankly forever.


If you dont like it now then never ever go there just before Christmas.


Which Post Office are you talking about? I use the FH one regularly and have no complaints. What does bother me is that all the Post Office counters were required to fit out a private meeting room, presumably for offering financial advice, which are never used. So all the counter service has been crammed into half the space they used to have and they have barely any room at all for all the paperwork they have, let alone the parcels etc they take in.


Are you talking about the one in HOP?


Just reporting back, I’ve heard that what was “Kids on the Hill” is now becoming another hairdressers/beauty place as is “The Montage” as I mentioned before…

Do we really need anymore?

The only one I do love and find a bit different is @Lsboudoir as it’s a one off and does skin mapping & all sorts of treatments you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Apart from Lorna’s (who I know is quite specialised) I don’t really know how they can all get enough custom :slight_smile:


Sorry. FH one in the WH Smith by station. Perhaps its the times I go but I wait long times. Which of the 2 or 3 kiosks to use can be difficult to determine, and the place is a mess. Behind the glass and in the shop.


It IS a mess behind the counter, I’ve noticed that too, but I don’t know if the staff can do much about that, it’s so cramped. The shop floor is responsibility of WH Smith. I sometimes have to wait five- ten minutes at lunchtime, which doesn’t seem unreasonable.

I’m not sure what you mean by not knowing which kiosk to use? They are all the same, unless you are getting foreign currency in which case you use the one on the left. It’s clearly signed.