What else do Forest Hill and Honor Oak need?


Just don’t get the unhappy lady.


Your absolutely right @Pauline A skin specialist which I am is completely different to a beautician or salon.

we have a few salons on Dartmouth road, so I’ve ensured I’m completely different and not treading on anyone’s toes.

For me I’m a skin Therapy Clinic, and these new business will be salons and hairdressers so although I dont initially see them as threats, having so many might take away the real experience of a professional treatment and can lead to inexpensive treatments being given to potential customers.

Alternatively making my spealised treatment prices questioned?


I don’t think you will have a problem Lorna as your treatments are far superior to anything else in the area & a real spa experience in my opinion :slight_smile:


Big Grin :grinning:


must look at @LsBoudoir offerings in more detail

I love a good self-indulgent pampering…


I’m desperate for a local shop that sells posh stuff (like the spar in Brockley) plus decent fruit and veg and meats and cheeses. Used to live in Bethnal Green and there was an amazing shop called Simply Fresh where you could buy at least three kinds of organic artichokes but also a ginsters and a multipack of salt and vinegar squares and huge bunches of parsley. Mem, the owner, has opened up another branch so I’m really hoping he’ll start one South East. Oh, and it never seemed to close.


Not quite local but I quite like SMBS Foods at 75 Lordship Lane in East Dulwich… a quick 10 minute trip by bus. A few doors down is the wonderful Cheese Block with about 200 different cheese. But yes. I’d prefer them to be here in Forest Hill.


An SMBS type shop would do very well in Honor Oak IMO (or Forest Hill for that matter). No direct equivalent locally in Honor Oak but there is the Forest Hill Road supermarket. Budgens in Crofton Park have an amazing range generally but their veg selection is not so good.

Am afraid am not so enamoured with the Cheese Block though. Have wanted to like it but have found the service to be unfriendly. Jones in Crofton Park has a limited but very well curated selection of cheese.


Aga’s deli has some delicious cheese (some of the best Gorgonzola i have had, aged Comte and others). And 10% off with your friends of Forest Hill Library card.
Never had a problem with the Cheese Block but not been there for a while.


What a shame. I’ve had great cheesy discussions with them, but I do note they can be a bit gruff when busy. More of a “whadya want”.


I would love a softplay centre. Sure we don’t have to travel too far to Crystal Palace but it would be good to have a soft play/imagination centre.


On cold evenings like this, I would like a closer convenience shop. There are units available on Waldram Park Road (South Circular) opposite Sunderland Road if anyone is interested.


I’m sure you know, but you have Gambados Beckenham, Bellingham Leisure Centre softplay ansd in the Deptford soft play nearby also, but yes nothing in SE23 I am aware of.


I say either a working cinema or a decent supermarket.


There’s a fantastic new baker called Christopher’s in Half Moon Lane (North Dulwich end). The bread is produced throughout the day, so often one or two kinds are still warm from the oven. I asked them if they could please consider opening another shop, in Forest Hill. The business is still quite new, however, so they’re too busy currently to consider expanding.

“We make our bread throughout the day rather than through the night in contrast to many other bakeries. We do this for a few reasons, that it provides our customers with fresher bread that has not been waiting overnight for delivery and provides in our view a better quality of life for our bakers. The inevitable downside however is that we do not have fully stocked shelves first thing in the morning as most of our bread is brought out fresh and often still warm from the oven. The only exceptions being bread made predominantly from rye flour which is better eaten the next day and beyond as they have pronounced longevity, and our 100% wholemeal which has similar qualities.”



One thing I’d love to see in HOP is a food place that sold healthy homemade ready meals for two that I could pick up on my commute home and chuck in the oven or microwave.

Offer a choice of three different meals, and vary the menu each day. Put today’s menu on Twitter so I know in advance what’s on offer. Emphasis on “freshly-made,” with quality ingredients, preferably sourced from other local shops e.g. @WatersSE23. Offer the occasional “guest appearance” by @FowlMouths, @Saigon_Streat, if possible.

Sainsburies ready meals get boring, and also there isn’t a great choice. And they’re probably not made with the best ingredients, and have been sitting on a shelf for days.

I think a shop specialising in quality ready-prepared cook-at-home meals might do well, with the right branding and meal choices.


I’d DEFINITELY be up for @Saigon_Streat takeaways :heart_eyes:


Something similar to COOK at West Dulwich perhaps, although they do deliver to SE23.


I’ll agree with you on that, @ChrisBeach :wink:


The deli does this I think.