What else do Forest Hill and Honor Oak need?


The Provender? It’s always closed by the time I get back from work :frowning:


Click and Collect lockers in Forest Hill centre would be useful. There is a set in the BP Garage further along the South Circular but a more central location (such as in Sainsbury’s) would be very convenient.


Try checking with Le Querce. They have started selling food to cook at home, e.g. fresh pasta and sauce, as well as ready made takeaway from their restaurant menu.


Not ready made, not local but delivered to your door and easy to make, Gousto. Used many times and very good.


Good suggestions @Brett and @Londondrz. I’d forgotten about Le Querce’s “eat at home” option. This is their menu:

Given they have a 48 hour order time, I think there still may be room for the casual pop-in shop I described earlier.

And as @Londondrz mentioned, Gousto (and also HelloFresh) are both great for convenience and inspiration. I amassed a whole book of recipe cards from using both services. Started feeling guilty about all the packaging though - a huge amount of card and plastic in each delivery (especially on all the tiny single-use portions of herbs and spices).


Same thing went through my mind @ChrisBeach but I found we were able to recycle 99% of the Gousto packaging. The wool currently insulates our hallway floor :slight_smile:


Agreed but that is why I also mentioned that they do takeaway from the restaurant too. That could be done on impulse.


I’m a massive hello fresh fan, I was really wary about the packaging but I find I am not buying food that i then throw away now so I feel better about it.


How about a really great second hand book shop. One of my favourite places to spend 20 minutes in London is Book Mongers on Coldharbour Lane, Brixton. I used to pop in frequently on visits to the Ritzy and seldom did I leave empty handed.

Since moving to FH I don’t visit Brixton that often and I miss my visits to this amazing shop. Would love a similar one in the hood.


You could try Rye Books on Upland Road, East Dulwich


And downstairs at Kirkdale Books, Sydenham.


Fantastic. Thanks.


Yeah I’m never sure what time they are open until but they definitely do what you want, although not cheap. Also they sell sausages etc from the Proud Sow now.


Back in the mid-80s Sugar Mountain was a secondhand bookshop.


My hubby would love a Bodeans-at the moment we trot over to Balham or Clapham. And I’d love to get one before east Dulwich does…


That just fits me down to a T Mr. I get through 2 or 3 books a week & love the history of my shop :heart::heart::heart:

That’s another thread though on shops history, but I know most of mine boss from you & Steve Grindlay :slight_smile:

On another note a bookshop would be fab & might be coming. So thoughts please?

And seriously :slight_smile:


What if this said “Book Shop” secondhand or other gave all profits to the library?

Good thing!

I think so :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:


Afraid East Dulwich already has The Flying Pig which is a Bodeans-equivalent. It is good and well worth a visit, excellent beers on tap and great BBQ.


Leave Bodeans to Clapham and Soho (and other locations). How about a proper US-style BBQ joint with open fire pits and their own smoke houses. I want me some brisket sold by the kilo.


If Pauline and her friends get on with it your wish may be granted!! :slight_smile: