What else do Forest Hill and Honor Oak need?


They have changed their menu recently (new management!?) and it isn’t so good - beer is still fine though.

How would this work in London with the clean air zones - it is something I have been thinking about for a while.


You can still have an open pit with commercial ventilation. Neil Rankins new restaurant Temper in Soho does this for instance.


Probably in the same way that a BBQ works because that is all it is plus a little wood smoke.


I would love to see a florist in Forest Hill. Even a weekend pop-up would be nice.


LAURELS on Dartmouth Road.


AGAIN I’m asking - possible bookshop & vinyl record shop with profits going to the library?

Thoughts please!

Would you use it?


Books yes. Vinyl no.


Thanks for the response Jason xx


Have you tried Charlie Bighams fresh take-away meals from Sainsbury’s and all good other supermarkets? The best ingredients and all his meals must be oven cooked only. All around £7.00, and serves two, but once you’ve tasted them your’ll never go back to the others. He wanted to create take-away meals to taste as good as restaurant food and he’s succeeded. Large assortment from macaronI cheese to lasagne, moussaka and a curry. Very fresh top quality ingredients. Cheap at the price considering they’re for two at such good quality. Check out all his dishes.

I wish Forest Hill had a small market selling good quality fruit and veg and cheeses, oh and that hot roast hog etc. How about a market in David’s Road, behind Sainsbury’s? Perfect place for a small street market, although road would need to be pedestrianised. Similar to North Cross Rd food market on Saturdays in Dulwich.


The pies are delicious!


There used to be a farmers market at the station on a Saturday but the Horniman opened its market so it died.


Yes well since the Horniman market lost its anchor veg stall it is diminished somewhat in my view. Sadly.


I have, and they’re lovely. My “posh ready meal shop” idea might be a non-starter, on reflection. :slight_smile:


Agreed. Love the pies. The only problem is everything of theirs comes in packs of two. A bit of a nuisance for a family of three.


What else does Forest Hill need? A really good charity shop that specialises in books and vinyl records.

Oh, wait!


Leaf and groove will hopefully open soon. They raised the funds through space hive recently


Leaf and groove will hopefully open soon. Check their website out



Yep was on here and saw the poll and knew Blackbird from their great sites in West Norwood + Balham. Thought I would link the poll and them up by the power of twitter. Plenty of bakeries in Balham but they are the best with the best community spirt, with the later seemingly very strong in FH. Good to see the info posted on here also. Impressed by the active FH social media presence and activity. #wandojcf1978onthetwittersphere

Hats off to Chris for putting SE23 on the digital map

Yes they sure will be :+1:

There’s a thread on here about the Spacehive crowdfunder :slight_smile: