What else do Forest Hill and Honor Oak need?


Can you get a white loaf for under £3?


Hi Blackbird Bakery

What size does the premises need to be?
Will it have retail space as well as bakery?
What user-class?
Rent or buy?


I dont think blackbird bakery is on the forum. You have to tweet them.

Sorry about that.


Not necessarily … let’s see if they come join us:


Thanks Michael, but this is the only social network that I subscribe to.
It’s not important though - it’s just that if I knew their requirements I’d keep my ear to the ground for the because I believe that a good bakery would be an asset to the town.


Oh, thanks Chris!


I see what you did there.


I thought the yellow home store was up for sale, plenty of space for shop/bakery/caffe restaurant


Hey dude, I’ll get on the case boss xx


AND YES A BAKERY WOULD BE ANAZING, I’ll mail you in morn Mr Man xx


Saw that too :+1::+1:


Nice one Chris :sunglasses::sunglasses:


The empty bakery in Perry Vale would be wonderful if it were up and running again, giving that area a real village feel.


Amen to that - while it was open it was great to have but it shut pretty quickly.


There have been two or three bakeries there over the years, as I recall.


What else does Forest Hill need? I came up with a slightly strange answer the other day when I went to Beckenham to buy something for our goldfish pond. (They are just goldfish - nothing as posh as koi carp.)

A lot of the discussion here about what Forest Hill needs has been based on the things that surrounding areas have that we don’t.

But I think one thing that would help is if Forest Hill had more shops that the surrounding areas don’t have. For example: like I say, I was in Beckenham buying pond stuff from a specialist retailer. On the way I passed a shop selling ballet outfits and shoes (we were customers, years ago). Penge has a fishing tackle shop. Dulwich has Bell’s Kitchens. Sydenham has that great bookshop at Kirkdale.

The trick is to find those things that people would have to come to Forest Hill to get. Nope, I’ve no idea either. But there are no doubt plenty of retail brains on this forum who might have some ideas.


A condomerie?


Didn’t we have one of those about 10 years ago on Dartmouth Road? It didn’t last long.

I think the problem with hyper-specialised shops is that shopping on the internet is too easy. It is far easier for me to search for a specialised lightbulb or toilet seat online than it is to go to shops across South East London in search of the part.

That’s why the fishing tackle business on Dartmouth Road is purely online.


Up to a point. For clothing (eg, ballet stuff), trying it on is probably necessary and part of the excitement for the little dancers. You can’t buy goldfish online or ask about pumps or get pond plants on line. The Kirkdale bookshop works because you can browse more easily than on the internet (see what I did there?). Bell’s Kitchens presumably survives because of its service.

So there are certainly shops - and it depends how you define ‘hyper-specialist’ - that can survive and, by the looks of them, do well.

We have a fishing tackle business in Dartmouth Road??? That’s probably what I’d call hyper-specialist, whereas the shop in Penge sells rods, reels, etc. Again, stuff you want to get the feel of, talk about with the expert shopkeeper, etc.


This recent discussion also led me to ask what does Forest Hill and Honor Oak already have? In other words what could attract people to the area. Some have already suggested with a second craft beer shop, we could be the craft beer destination in SE London.

Well we have some pretty interesting second-hand, retro antique type places. In Forest Hill there is Farr & Wyde and Wild Horses. In Honor Oak there is the fabulous Muck N Brass. And if we could extend our catchment area to the end of Dartmouth Road there is Mabel’s (fabulous) Five and Dime along with Behind the Boxes and Dulwich Reclamation.

It seems the area could also be a great place for retro hounds like me. Much better than Crystal Palace IMHO

Cool men's vintage clothes shop coming soon to Dartmouth Road!