Any plans for The Hill?



Hi, does anyone know if there are any plans for the former site of The Hill?


This is the last we heard about The Hill. Sad to see it close :frowning:


Not heard of any plans either :frowning:


Saw someone from Enterprise inns in there today as they had a company come in to clear out rubbish.

They have a new tennant who will be opening soon for 6 month to get the feel of what locals would like food and drink wise, they will then close to do a full refit & I was told a lot of money will be spent on it.

The chap I spoke to today said he’ll pop in to give me updates when he’s around.

Looking forward to this reopening :slight_smile:


In Spring this year there was a licence variation application I noticed displayed on the front of The Hill from ‘Craft Union’. So I suppose they will take on the site. They talk a good spiel on the website, although lacks info on their existing sites. Looks to me like a standard tie-in operator - I hope i’m proved wrong!


Looks like another arm of Enterprise Inns as have same registered address.


I asked about Craft Union and the chap seems to think it was someone else.

I’ll post any updates as and when I get them.

Im dying to know who the owners will be.


Hi everyone, I’m following this thread as I would like to turn the Hill into a wasteless supermarket with a small theatre above!!! (Like the Brockley Jack theatre)


I think there’s a planning application to remodel the flats above. You might want to check it.


The original application to reconfigure the flats was refused.

If the campaign to save the ALL In One is anything to go by, changing The Hill from a pub to a shop will be a major challenge.


Although, arguably, The Hill isn’t a pub. It’s a dead space, and has been for far too long.


I love this idea. Have you looked at Waters old fruit and veg site? Or is that too small?

I think these sort of places will only grow in appeal :slightly_smiling_face:


I agree. The zero waste revolution needs to happen! Where is Waters old fruit and veg site please? It doesn’t have to be massive although The Hill is so big I was inspired to add the theatre above idea and am now very excited by that!


It’s two doors down from @ClaptonCraft here is the thread Waters fishmongers Would be perfect if you had a few bits to pick up after work too. I would definitely support your store I’m desperate for something like this!


True. But a lot of that time was lost due to some legal wranglings due to the arrangement between the previous landlord, his partner and the brewery. I spoke to a rep for the owners about a year ago and he told me that they were planning to refurb and re-open. From my perspective, the recent relatively short period of no activity is insignificant because I’ve known it as a pub since the late 70’s (ish?) when it was The Bar Cave.


A zero-waste store would be amazing! Something on the Perry Vale side would suit me personally but either side would of course be great.


Just wanted to add that on lots of the parents’ forums on Facebook this type of venture is very popular! Families in the area seem keen to reduce waste. Of course people have to come out and support you rather than just talk about it!


I thought there was a “pilot” craft pub going into The Hill???


That’s all we need - drunk pilots.


Love the idea of a theatre on the Hill site with the shop below. No reason why this would not fly given it gets planning approval. A great draw to Dartmouth Road for day time and evening :blush: