Any plans for The Hill?



Wish someone would start a theatre on the ground floor somewhere.

Penge has the wonderful Bridge Theatre with excellent productions, but so many steep stairs to get there!


Perhaps a lift will be installed :blush:


Alas, lifts no good for me either. Don’t ask!


Spent many a teenage year there when it was the Malt Shovel. Decent pub quiz on a Thursday night, live 3pm football on a Saturday and a decent beer on a Sunday. Was never the same when it became the Hill.


Yes, the Malt Shovel.
Around '92, I was living above the shop that’s now Sugar Mountain and there was a period when at least one Saturday night every month my evenings included watching running battles with guys from the Malt Shovel smashing bottles over each other’s heads and police chasing them all up and down Dartmouth Road.
Very entertaining theatre that was - and all on ground floor level (@topofthehill).


Never went there on a Saturday was either up town or down the Venue. Always thought the basement space was underused.


I remember the Malt Shovel and did go in there on the very odd occasion.

However, I did not experience the free entertainment - thankfully!


It was like group cage fighting - without the cage!


Just as well I didn’t reserve ringside seats then!


“Come fly with me, we’ll fly, we’ll fly away
If you can use some exotic booze
There’s a bar in far Bombay…”


I think Andy is half way there.




Brilliant idea - both the zero waste store and the theatre! Nunhead has just got a zero waste store that seems to be doing really well. Good luck Rhia - hope you manage to pull it off! X


I remember the Malt Shovel, it was best avoided. Bird was much more convivial :slight_smile:


A zero waste style shop in the empty Waters unit would be amazing!


Thanks Firefly! and Pea I called the number outside Waters yesterday and the availability of that space is still tenuous so the lady took my number and said she’d call when more is known. She also said there is a lot of interest in it. I noticed Miss Moneypenny is up for lease a bit further down next to tattoo shop so I viewed that this morning. Not big enough for theatre though


I wonder why it’s not ready for rent? How annoying. Did you like the space?


The space that you see from the front isn’t even a half of it!
It goes way back into a small covered yard and then a large store behind that.


So does this mean the pub thing isn’t happening with Craft Union??


I think it would be a challenge to include a theatre on the Waters site, but perhaps the ballroom across the road could provide a suitable for occasional dramas that don’t spill out onto Dartmouth Road.