Bell Green Gas Holders Demolition [Approved by Council]



Did we need another gasworks photo? Spotted in the distance, just now…


Beautiful picture


The gas holders are not quite at the rainbow’s end - but if I can encourage anyone to come and dig around for the pot of gold…

Beautiful and artful picture even if the perspective we have of the gasholders dominates our skyline in Perry Hill and is very different and far less attractive.


Interesting. Thanks for taking the time to search.

It would appear that the Livesey Hall is probably owned by SGN then, as they recently put in a planning application involving land to the north and south which is featured in the second link.


A Nice photo.

A metaphor perhaps for the changing fortunes of the area around the gasholders… being the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

There is a campaign to save the giant of a holder in Greenwich, and they have a lot of points about its status in the gas world. That peninsular was essentially a gasworks for a long time before the Millennium Dome popped up.



Can’t remember if anyone posted the link to last year’s RIBA competition for reusing gasholder sites, apologies if this is old ground.
Their brief began with demolition of the steelwork, but most of these entries, including the shortlisted ones and the winner, mirrored the shape of the gasholder bases in some way. Strangely, retail sheds, car parking and fast food restaurants don’t feature highly in the RIBA entries! There are some attractive looking residential proposals though - as well as the Eden project style domes for an all weather park.



Quality shot…


A shame favourite perches aren’t protected, as this one has been sat up there for a few hours.


Sent my email.

9 July is the deadline.



Bye bye Gas Holders…

DC_18_107607-Decision_Notice-703390.pdf (105.2 KB)