Bell Green Gas Holders Demolition [Begins 7th January]



Sounds like Lewisham council are expecting the appeal to be withdrawn by SGN for the additional supermarket on the site of the gas holders.


Lewisham Council are bizarre. Claiming to want to protect the gas holders, yet did not use any of their powers to prevent their destruction.

Anyway. Some sunrise pics from my loft conversion this morning.


Passed it this morning and saw a notice informing the public that Keltbray will be the contractor doing the dismantling. For what it’s worth, besides being a bricklayer I also hold CPCS machine tickets and have worked on two of their demolition contracts and from what I saw they’re a very competent and professional outfit.


A bit of writeup from News Shopper with some interesting quotes:


Nice write-up in eastlondonlines including mentions of the dot life forums:


Removing individuality and aesthetics from the community one brick at a time.


I wonder if the demolition could be confined to removing the actual gasholders, plant buildings and back filling the tanks, but leaving the frames in situ. I think most would agree the bell on the holders is redundant.

Or is it too late and demolition commenced?

This would at least allow further discussion on the future of the site and the developer could use or remove the guide frames at a later date? The site would have been made safe in the eyes of SGN and removal of contaminated material completed.


Some recent pics.

Demolition works at Bell Green Gas Holder by Archoptical, on Flickr

Bell Green Gasholders by Archoptical, on Flickr

Dawn in Bell Green by Archoptical, on Flickr

Spot The Peregrine by James Evans, on Flickr


I wonder if that mobile phone tower is coming down too and if coverage in the area will be affected?


I’ve started a petition: https://SaveTheHistoricCDMASignalAtBellGreen

People have enjoyed good phone rception at Pets at Home for years


If ever there was a reason for a :laughing: button.