Book club?


I would definitely be up for this - and as already mentioned a glass of wine at the same time would be not go amiss! strong text


This would be great!


Hi, I’d be interested too, keep me posted!


Yes please! Would like to be kept updated too.


Thanks Chris!


@book_club Can anyone with a preference DM book suggestions by end of day tomorrow? I’ll then set up a poll for the first ‘meeting’

Thanks all!


The Basic Eight by Daniel Handler -

Trouble with Lichen by John Wyndham



Haley Green


I’l have a think of books that I want to read - I’ve got a stack under the bed!


I’m definitely up for it, as I am pretty new to the area! Looking forward to hearing the book and date choices.



Okay…. So as to avoid lots of indecision, I’ve listed three book choices, three dates and two venues as below…… Suggest we go with the majority and if there’s a tie – I’ll just pick!
Goodreads info on the books, and poll, below:


  • Post Office
  • The Basic Eight
  • The Power

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Date and time:

  • Wednesday 24 January, 7:00pm
  • Thursday 25 January, 7:00pm
  • Wednesday 31 January, 7:00pm

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  • Sylvan Post
  • The Honor Oak

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Suggest we leave this open until the weekend. Thanks for the contributions!


Thanks for doing this Natalie! Have responded - however I should add I am happy with either venue!


I am also happy with both venues :slight_smile:


Synopsis of “The Power”:

Sounds bloody brilliant!


@Cara, @Irmani_Smallwood, @TomAngel,

Would any verified members attending this meetup be willing to verify the profiles of book club attendees on the night? Would be a great opportunity to spread the verified love.

Let me know if so and I can give you the ability to verify profiles, it’s a straightforward process.


I’d happily join - the one I set up in my street has unfortunately peetered out


Sure - happy too If I can make the date that’s selected (and I read the book!)


Yes v happy to if I can make that evening!


I’m new to this site and am very much looking forward to coming along!


Definitely up for this!