Calling all Cat Spotters of SE23


Noodles and Cookie, also of Bovill Rd


Had to join this group and stop lurking just to comment on this. My wife and I used to say hello to Rudy when he hung out on Devonshire Road as well - we called him Monster. We were worried when he disappeared so it’s great to know he is doing well!


Spaced out


Gorgeous sandy tabby in Bovill Road


Best way of stopping a toddler tantrum? “Oooh look a cat!” I’m forever thankful for the cats enroute to nursery. There are a LOT of cats in HOP.


Hi, I am new here and still finding my way around. Sorry to begin with a criticism, but I would think that cat owners are entitled to object to their pet being photographed and details given of the road (in one case even the house number) where to find their particular cat. To me it seems irresponsible to publish these details without regard to the feelings of the pet owners, or to encorage “outing” local pets as personalities when there have been a number of very worrying incidents in south east London lately that have been widely reported in the press.


If a pet owner objects to a photo of their pet being shared then I will ensure the photo is taken down.

If there was any evidence to suggest the pet killer specifically targeted internet celebrity pets then I wouldn’t have started this thread.

But there’s no evidence to suggest that, as far as I know, and IMO it would be very sad and unnecessary to stop sharing photos of cute pets because of the actions of one deranged person somewhere within the M25. Similarly, a blanket ban on sharing photos of our children because of the existence of one paedophile somewhere in the country would be an overreaction IMO.

What do others think?


Hi Chris, I would like to add that a pet is like a family member, so it does seem a bit of an intrusion to take photographs of domestic cats for use on a web site without first seeking the owner’s approval. I don’t think permission can be assumed in every case, nor is everyone aware of this forum, so they may not know to object (esp. the elderly).

You may not have seen all the press coverage so please do take a look at the article linked below which reported the incident which took place in Forest Hill:

Evening Standard Tuesday 12 April 2016



I’m with @chrisbeach on this one too.


Here’s my take as a cat (and dog) owner.

First, I don’t think posting photos of cats here will attract this lunatic cat killer. These attacks have taken place over a huge area. If anything, knowing locals are keeping an eye on local felines would be a deterrent.

Second, I’ll admit I felt the same when I first saw this thread - it seemed rather impudent to take pictures of other people’s pets and post them here. But for the life of me I can’t rationalise that reaction. It’s not logical. And if I found a picture of mine here I’d be flattered rather than offended.

The argument that people who don’t know about the forum might be upset to know their pet’s picture is on it is self-defeating. If you don’t know, you can’t be upset by it.

This is HUGELY different from taking picture of people’s children.


Notwithstanding as the proud parent of two cats myself, I’d be thrilled to know how they were interacting with the local community.

There is another more positive aspect to this thread. If a precious puss goes missing, the familiarity of that cat to others through a forum like this could help in tracing or finding the pet. I’m not a big fan of letting cats roam freely because of the possible dangers they face. I liken it to letting your cherished child go wondering the 'hood in the wee hours of the morning. I’d be much happier if my cats were becoming part of the community through a forum like this.


And if you see either of these two pudgy pussies around the neighbourhood, let me know immediately. They shouldn’t be.


Agree with Chris


Ah how wonderful!! Yes he’s with me & has been for the last 3/4 years - he’s so funny & just a really lovely loyal cat friend! X


Just discovered:


Not sure of this guys name (Bags Maybe??) but he hangs out all day in Shannons Garden Centre - generally sleeping and being made a fuss of by the likes of me!

Which High Street staff brighten your day?

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A handsome visitor to the garden today
Sunderland Rd.