Calling all Cat Spotters of SE23


He looks as though he is posing, very majestic ha ha!:blush:


something has taken a chunk out of his head


That is very sad - what a beautiful cat


He is fine now, thing it was a rat. I just keep threatening him with the cone hat if he keeps on kicking the scab off! Which he then give me a death look like no other.


his lordship


Oh no :slightly_frowning_face: he is beautiful, but unfortunately they do get into scraps don’t they.


Another beauty :slight_smile:



I wonder if the black cat that lived locally still visits, or should I say spend most of his day there as well. Might be claws at dawn if he does :slight_smile:


Here is out NFC - I’ve never known a cat sleep in such odd positions. This is one of his more normal ones, he typically has one leg fully in the air! As mentioned above an amazingly friendly cat so good with children. The squirrel population however is not going up near our house…


This is my favourite thread of all time.