Calling all Cat Spotters of SE23


What a beautiful kitten, congrats @Phil


I live on that road - never seen him before! He looks like a fluffy version of my cat Otis! :slight_smile:


Seems our neighbours’ cat Arlo loves the auto-watering system!


My neighbour’s cat won’t leave me alone.


This is what happens when one of my two cats thinks I’m paying more attention to the F1 than him …


This is cheating, I know, as this is a feline thread, but that last photo reminded me of Henry enjoying the showjumping at the Olympics.




Pretty much exactly what our cat Sugar does when she sees Henry. Luckily we have a big house. To balance things out, here is Sugar the Cat.


Love Sugar’s tail colouring! :kissing_cat:


My two cats, Frank and Milly, are indoor cats so don’t get to meet these lovely locals (although I do from time to time!).

I’ll post up some photos if I remember to stick some on my laptop.

There’s a couple of really friendly cats on grierson Road and Riseldine Road that always seem to enjoy following me as I walk along; doing that thing where they run ahead of you, collapse on the ground, writhing, and then start again. :slight_smile:


@Cazimo that may be Doris, who has been missing for a couple of weeks. We are on Sunderland Road… are you nearby? If you get the chance, could you take another photo, as we couldn’t be 100% it was her… in any event, thanks for feeding her and taking the effort to post.


Yes, she does has a small white tuft on her chest. I think it is her - but there are lots of black cats around! If you do manage to get her in the flat would you mind texting 07967 857 173. Thanks so much.


Have just seen the post containing the comment to the effect that some people may not read the forum and not know how to object , especially the elderly.

I am sure there are many elderly forumites and equally sure that they are forum savvy and know how to object. I am equally sure that there are younger people who do not read the forum and would not know how to object.


This is Bazil, originally a Battersea rescue cat but now a full time local villain and fox botherer

He thinks he owns most of Cranston Road and we have seen him in Como Road amongst others. He will eat virtually anything other than his biscuits and begs off the neighbors all the time - he loves bbq season. He is always getting into trouble - so much that we started his own savings pot to pay for the vets. He has one canine tooth left intact and is missing all the lower teeth at the front but it still doesnt stop him getting into the odd scrap and as I say above he has been see to chase foxes (maybe with that tail he thinks he is one!)


Arlo comes into our garden too! He is my cat’s best friend :slight_smile:


Please meet our handsome Lui…

…rarely spotted out front although he may have wandered out over the weekend.
If you do happen to see him on the street this week (Grierson/ Garthorne road vicinity), please nudge me.


Looks like a big boy!!


Ah, he’s yours then Nick? We were wondering who he belonged to. Frequent (welcome) visitor to both our garden and the inside of our house, even the upper stories. He does usually clear off when told but the various pairs of DIY gloves we have dotted around the place have occasionally come in handy when he needs carrying out! Shame he doesn’t get on with the other neighbourhood cats, have witnessed (and heard) many an epic scrap with Basil invariably coming off on top.


Yes he is mine - sort of as he goes go awol for days at a time and comes back smelling of lavender. I think some elderly lady has been cuddling him! I really don’t know how he wins any scraps as he has lost his teeth but he never backs down. Sadly this does result in visits to the vet and he is always covered in minor scabs. Amazingly he get on ok with our other two.

Do feel free to kick him out - he has never bitten me although I did take a claw to the nose once but in all fairness I deserved that one.


If any of you see Bazil - pic above - can you shout me on here. Not seen him for a few days and my wife is a bit upset.